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    ParDo's CCX log

    Following in @Justin Fischer 's footsteps, I'm starting my own CCX Log. My commute is 17 miles each way or 34 miles round trip. I already own a Bulls Lacuba 8 (gates belt with Brose mid-drive, class 1) but wanted something faster and knew I needed a large battery. For commuting, I was...
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    Possible to use bike without display?

    I have a 2017 Lacuba E8: is it possible to get assist without the display? I'm just wondering what happens if I lose/drop the display, or when it eventually breaks one day.
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    Bay Area 10/15 mile flat commute

    Hi all, I'm looking to sometimes replace my current solo car commute with a transit + bike commute. The bike portion to work would start at either the Santa Clara GAC Amtrak station or the Milpitas BART station (whenever that opens). The route: Here is a google maps link of the route 10...