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  1. britannic

    The new Stromer ST5

    It will definitely get road dirt and water caking the horn up down there.
  2. britannic

    The dealer cannot properly bleed my brakes

    Reading up on similar issues affecting other bike brands with Magura hydraulic brakes, the consensus seems to be that this issue is more common if the brakes weren't bled the way Magura recommends. Even if the lines were purged of air, but the small reservoir in the brake lever has some left in...
  3. britannic

    The dealer cannot properly bleed my brakes

    The Magura brakes are used on other bikes, so it wouldn't be Stromer specific.
  4. britannic

    The new Stromer ST5

    If you can't wait for an integrated loud horn/bell, I recommend an Orp Horn. Saved my bacon a few times...
  5. britannic

    The new Stromer ST5

    A belt drive would be awesome...
  6. britannic

    The dealer cannot properly bleed my brakes

    I concur with @JayVee and @devhead, I frequently trigger traffic lights by laying my Stromer over to activate the sensor circuits in the road, never had an issue with my brakes.
  7. britannic

    St2 torque sensor

    There is a hidden system menu, check Ravi's post #5 here:
  8. britannic

    St2 power assist switching off

    The micro switches should be in the brake levers, there is a small wire that runs from the lever to the controller. I'm away from my bike right now, so unable to be exact.
  9. britannic

    St2 power assist switching off

    Could it be the brake micro switch sticking, since you mention the problem resolves with a brake tap? Any error messages?
  10. britannic

    OMNI Custom Motor Settings - assumption correct?

    @nwroller, your assumption is correct, to the left is less and rightward is more.
  11. britannic

    Thinking about selling my ST2

    I just sold one of my Stromers (ST1 Elite) on eBay and shipped it from the west coast to the east, using a shipping box from I was able to get a discounted FedEx ground rate using their website. The buyer said the bike arrived in excellent shape. I had to use the...
  12. britannic

    Change dealer in Omni App

    Thanks, I'll give that a try.
  13. britannic

    Change dealer in Omni App

    Anyone know how to change the dealer in the Omni app? Weirdly my Omni app has a dealer that went out of business as the go to Stromer dealer, instead of the one I bought the ST2s from.
  14. britannic

    Stromer ST1 platium - chain falls off constantly

    Correctly tension the chain and adjust the amount of chain wrap round the rear cassette (this will also improve the speed and smoothness of the shifts) and it won't fall off anymore. I only have had this happen after my dealer left mine out of adjustment.
  15. britannic

    Thudbuster / Body Float

    I have both, and whilst the TB is very good, the BF is amazing; I exclusively use the BF now.
  16. britannic

    The rear tire always skids when I panic stop

    Definitely recommend you train yourself to perform emergency stops under safe conditions and develop muscle memory and instinct, before you need to do a real one. It'll pay off in spades later.
  17. britannic

    Newbie introduction and some general questions...

    Stromer's tech support page for the ST1 battery has this information: You can fully recharge the ST1 battery after every journey. This increases the service life of the battery and ensures that you are always prepared for the next ride. There is no need for you to run down the battery every...
  18. britannic

    ST2s Torque Sensor Recalibration Recommended After Axle Retighten

    On my Stromer ST2s, I access the settings menu using the "on" button under the crossbar. Then the "SENSOR" menu Which brings up "CALIBRATE SENSOR" or "SET SENSOR LEVEL" Sitting on the bike, without touching the pedals or brakes, select "CALIBRATE SENSOR"
  19. britannic

    Very bad head shake or shimmy

    If it wobbles on the stand, then the issue is definitely imbalance in the wheel and/or its components, since it eliminates all of the other factors. I'm wondering it there is a way to add compensating controls to the wheel in the same way a car wheel is balanced after new tires are fitted.
  20. britannic

    Very bad head shake or shimmy

    I recommend eliminating the headset adjustment as a cause first, by confirming it is adjusted the way you want. Note, adjustment is more about feel than being able to use a series of torque settings etc. It's not difficult to do yourself and the late Sheldon Brown has some good info on how here...