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  1. Lightning P38 would add assist to this one?

    I think the front wheel motor will be my choice. Replacing the fork with a disc compatible one and adding a disc brake should be easier than coming up with an adapter for the rear Wheel. Thanks for both your help. Ken
  2. Lightning P38 would add assist to this one?

    I wondered if doing the front wheel would be easier. Who sells a 12” hub motor?
  3. Lightning P38 would add assist to this one?

    Oh, that is neat with the solid axle, so one motor would power both wheels.
  4. Lightning P38 would add assist to this one?

    Here is a better pic of the rear axle and wheel setup. And it is a 3 speed transmission, with some sort of sliding mechanism to change the gear selection, hence the 3 small chains on the drive system.
  5. Lightning P38 would add assist to this one?

    I forgot to mention it has two wheels in the it is a delta design. perhaps both rear wheels could have a motor, so the steering wouldn’t pull to one side if just one wheel had a motor.....although the passenger would not be pedaling, so just the passenger side could be electric...
  6. Lightning P38 would add assist to this one?

    Here is the chain drive set up on the rear axle. Never seen that many chains on a trike set up!
  7. Lightning P38 would add assist to this one?

    My buddy wants to set this up to give retired veterans a chance to ride around in this pedal car. I guess the wheels are about 12”, so I couldn’t find any ready to install ewheels. The front wheel has an enclosed brake hub. Rear wheel drive. The pedal drive is the bent steel rod type...
  8. Lightning P38

    Torque sensor vs Cadence...

    I added the bolt on kit from ebikekit to my recumbent bike, so I didn’t have to go with an upright ebike. I am not aware of a setting option for this. I just use Strava on my iphone to record my mileage, and amount of climbs, as it gives more data than a cycle computer does. At my age I...
  9. Lightning P38

    Torque sensor vs Cadence...

    I think my pas system is like yours AHicks.....I was just showing the max speeds that result from my pas level selection. As I increase the pas level my speed increases as the power to motor increases, as I don’t push less hard on the pedals as I increase the pas Level. It is a very seamless...
  10. Lightning P38

    E-Bike Battery Guide

    You can do either, as I round to nearest 20% anyway to estimate charge time. As my display drops in 20% increments, when I am using the battery. If I want more precision, I can use my digital volt meter and measure the soc via voltage level. I always power up the display to see the...
  11. Lightning P38

    Cadence sensor riding experience

    It is an e-bikekit. It is a 36volt kit. The controller is not labelled, except for the e-bikekit name on it. They no longer sell the 36 volt kit, as they sell the 48 volt version now, with a $200 price increase. I have the 500 watt geared hub on the rear wheel. It meets my needs very well.
  12. Lightning P38

    E-Bike Battery Guide

    The other thing I have noticed on my soc display, is when I am pulling a hill and drawing a lot of power the soc drops lower than it really is, and after the hill and/or I drop the e-assist level, the soc display will come back up to where it really is. In other words, a brief rest for the...
  13. Lightning P38

    Cadence sensor riding experience

    Also, when using the throttle only, it doesn’t seem to make any difference if I give it full throttle or just a touch of throttle, the response seems to be the same?? Or at the least, very little difference. My kit came with both a thumb and a grip throttle. I installed the thumb throttle as...
  14. Lightning P38

    Cadence sensor riding experience

    I was unimpressed with the response using the throttle when I first got my ekit installed, as I get a stronger kick when I pedal and the pas kicks in more torque than using the throttle. I suppose it is programmed that way. I don‘t think it is just my imagination?
  15. Lightning P38

    Cadence sensor riding experience

    On mine, assist level 1 tops out at about 5 mph, level 2 tops out at 10 mph, level 3 at 15 mph, level 4 at 20 mph, level 5 at 28 mph. Whatever level I am in will limit the throttle to that top speed. Since I usually ride in level 2, my throttle will take me up to 10 mph from a dead stop...
  16. Lightning P38

    Cruiser/Hybrid Conversion Thoughts

    The steel frame is a good choice for an e-kit. Definitely use a torque arm. The frame weight does not matter with an ebike....the more weight, the faster you go downhill! And the motor helps you up the hills. The brakes may need the most attention...make sure you have fresh quality pads, and...
  17. Lightning P38

    Cadence sensor riding experience

    I have about 600 miles on my bike with an e-assist kit installed, with a cadence sensor. I have 5 assist levels. My riding partner rides at 10 - 11 mph with no e-assist. I have no trouble matching her speed riding side by side. If I get ahead of her, I just coast for a bit. Or I drop...
  18. Lightning P38

    Why Class 1 and 3 treated differently in U.S.?

    Your analogy with cars is perfect. I would always pick a class 3 over a class 1 or 2 e-assist. Most of the time I ride paved trails at 13 mph or less depending on walkers. Trails here continue to expand, as the demand continues to grow for them. The funny thing is, without e-assist my...
  19. Lightning P38

    Average age of EBR riders

    I am a s.o.b., for sure.