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  1. Mtnm

    How contact Easy Motion?

    I used to be able to reliably contact BH emotion. They don't respond to messages left on the tech link (Link Removed - No Longer Exists) or to voice mails left on the 1 866-752-4872 . In past years Eric Vo was very helpful in resolving the problems with my NeoJumper, but his email no longer...
  2. Mtnm

    Any New Batteries for Neo Jumper?

    Looking to find any improved or new battery releases for the Neo Jumper (mine is a 2014). I do have a 9 Ah and 12 Ah battery. Looking to extend my range.
  3. Mtnm

    Faster Charging?

    Has anyone found a way to charge the batteries faster? I'd like to do some car camp trips and bike riding. Currently it takes around 5-6 hours to charge my 12 Ah battery. In theory it seems like an inverter generator able to run at 1800 watts (like a Honda 2000) should be able to charge the...
  4. Mtnm

    1500 mile update NeoJumper 26"

    Well, it’s been 1500 miles on my Neo Jumper and 1 year 3 months. I’m very happy with the bike, although there have been problems. Mountain biking is why I purchased this bike, and it’s my main use. The suspension handles rocky trails well. It is best to hit obstacle head-on, as the fairly...
  5. Mtnm

    Which cassette tool? FR-5, FR-5g, or FR-1.2, NeoJumper

    I'm unsure of which is the correct Cassette Removal tool to order for my NeoJumper. Shimano type: FR-5 12 spline, 23.4 mm FR-5, 12 spline, 23.4 mm with guide pin FR-1.2 12 spline, 23 mm Any advice is much appreciated. Mike Colorado, USA
  6. Mtnm

    Clean Free-hub on Neo Jumper

    When I walk my bike forward the pedals turn with the bike instead of having a free wheel action. I'm unsure of the cause, but am guessing some type of dirt is in the free-hub. I have some understanding of how to take apart and clean a free-wheel, but am not sure of the difference in cleaning...
  7. Mtnm

    Any opinions on replacement chains: KMC?

    Measuring chain wear let's me know I need to plan to replace the chain on my 10sp NeoJumper sometime in the next few months. Any opinions on chains? Other hints on ordering a new chain are appreciated. I know I need a 10sp chain for the NeoJumper (at least I think I do). I know I'll need to...
  8. Mtnm

    Brakes: What let's me know when to replace pads?

    I have the hydraulic brake system on my NeoJumper. What are the indications for when it is time to replace brake pads? Do they have a "squeal" indicator like car pads? Does increased brake lever depression mean the pads are wearing out? Thanks for any insights. Mike Colorado, USA
  9. Mtnm

    Torque Specs, front stem.. Neo Jumper?

    My handlebar easily twists on the front stem of my Neo Jumper. Tightening the 2 hex bolts located on the front stem seems to be the right way to tighten the handlebar. 8 N-m is written near the bolts. Are these bolts supposed to be tightened to 8 N-m ? I'm also wondering how to adjust the...
  10. Mtnm

    Changing assist for a 2014 NeoJumper

    I'd be interested in finding a way to reduce the boost in Eco Mode for my 2014 Easy Motion NeoJumper. I've read discussion that this may be possible, but have not heard from anyone who has actually done this. I believe I have a 2014 "Lite" NeoJumper, 26". I think the current setting is about a...
  11. Mtnm

    How wide of a tire can I fit on the NeoJumper 26"?

    The Maxxis Minion has the reported dimensions of 26" x 2.5". Does anyone know if this wide of a tire will fit on the NeoJumper 26" version? Thanks for looking, and I appreciate any comments. Mike, Colorado
  12. Mtnm

    Do I wash with the battery in or out?

    I could use some tips on washing up the Jumper. 1) Seems best to wash the bike with the battery inserted and the controller turned off but still mounted to avoid getting water into the contacts. I usually wash using the spray nozzle on the garden hose. Stubborn areas get a spray of all purpose...
  13. Mtnm

    Jumper: brake squeal also set level of assist?

    Two questions I hope the experts can help me with: 1) After about 100 miles on my Jumper (26") I've developed a front squeal in the brakes. I did do some riding in Moab which had deep sandy conditions in the Needles area. I have washed down the front rotor using an alcohol solution and lint free...