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  1. justforfun

    Buying a Bike

    If the shop has to order, do you plunk down your card and pay all or just a deposit? I paid in full, but delivery is slipping. I'm not worried about the shop or manufacturer, just wondering how others handle such situations.
  2. justforfun


    A week ago I ordered a Pedego Platinum Interceptor. Instead of arriving today, as promised, I hear due to demand, the bike will be at least another week or even more. I saw something about black rims........When (delivery date) and what color combination should I expect? What brand battery...
  3. justforfun

    24" Intercepter........How to make it a smoother ride for her?

    I lowered tire PSI to 38# F and 39# R. Really rides better for me, but I've got 75 pounds on her. Ideas/suggestions please. She's not keen on selling the bike and I don't mind adding whatever equipment that will smooth the ride and make her happy.
  4. justforfun

    PEDEGO in the AARP Bulletin

    Nice Promo by Erik Hedegaard. Just shows that BOOMERS are into electric. Have Fun........
  5. justforfun

    Flat or Not, What are you Using?

    I'm shopping for a new bike. Some have Slime as OE. I have 5K on Stop Flats2, on two bikes, with zero flats. What do you recommend?