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  1. Svard75

    My Journey Into Ebiking with a Daymak Eagle Deluxe 84v

    Hello All fairly new ebiker and didn’t see much in terms of information I was interested in for the daymak eagle deluxe 84v So I’m going to use this thread as an ongoing issue tracking thread for others interested. I picked it up yesterday and had a very quick in service at the ebike universe...
  2. Svard75

    84v lead acid 20aH vs 72v lithium 20aH

    Hello, New ebiker here. I'm 240lbs and commute 40kms both ways total. Will ride year round depending on the roads but we do have snow here and gets cold, often times -40 Celsius. Would you recommend an 84v lead acid battery powered ebike or a 72v lithium battery powered? The dry weight of...
  3. Svard75

    Daymak Eagle Deluxe 8v or Eagle Lithium

    Hello All, I'm new to ebikes and have very little knowledge or experience to make the right choice. I recently walked into the ebikeuniverse store and purchased the Urban SE carbon ebike. Did not like it at all, very stiff and uncomfortable and the battery only lasted 20kms. The store was...