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  1. Lightning P38 would add assist to this one?

    My buddy wants to set this up to give retired veterans a chance to ride around in this pedal car. I guess the wheels are about 12”, so I couldn’t find any ready to install ewheels. The front wheel has an enclosed brake hub. Rear wheel drive. The pedal drive is the bent steel rod type...
  2. Lightning P38

    Dropouts space of 131 mm on rear wheel

    Is there a motor for a 26” wheel that will fit into a 131mm dropout on my recumbent bike? It is a 20 year old Vision, with full suspension. I just got it, and Inreally like the full suspension. I will have the wheel custom laced as the Vision brand centers their wheel over the hub instead of...
  3. Lightning P38

    500 Watt motor for sale, $125.

    Includes 9 speed freewheel and 700c wheel. I switched bikes and no longer can use this size wheel. has 200 miles on it. Works great.
  4. Lightning P38

    Motor voltage question

    I have a 36 volt 500 watt motor. If I upgrade my e-assist system to 48 volts, would the 36 volt motor work ok with 48 volts? Thanks. ken
  5. Lightning P38

    500 watt motor for sale, with 700c wheel

    I switched bikes and no longer need this 700c rear wheel with a 36 volt 500 watt geared motor. Will sell motor separate from wheel. 9 speed cassette on wheel. Have 110 miles on the motor. Bought from ebikekit. $125 for motor, or $150 for whole wheel. Buyer pays shipping. New is $300.
  6. Lightning P38

    Rack mounted battery crack

    My ebike kit system has 100 miles on it. I pulled the battery out of the rack today and noticed a crack in the plastic casing by the two screws next to the locking bolt. One screw was halfway out, and the other was not tight. I will be calling ebike.kit about it. Wonder if this is going to...
  7. Lightning P38

    User review of kit

    I now have 30 miles on my kit. This kit is a 36 volt, 500 watt motor, and 10 amp hr battery. Rear wheel motor and rack mounted battery. The bike is a Lightning P38 bent. I must say, I am very happy with this kit and the amount of power. I live 5 miles from Scranton, and wanted to be able...
  8. Lightning P38

    Top 3 ebike kits for up to 20 mile casual rides?

    Two price points. Under $600 and from $600 to $1200. I would like to promote ebike kits in my community. Thanks.
  9. Lightning P38

    Volt meter reading fluctuates between 40 and 41

    I bought a $12 digital voltmeter from Home Depot to check my battery charge. The meter reading bounced between 40 and 41. Is that due to the meter, or is the battery voltage varying that much? Or the way I am holding the probes? The meter does not display tenths of a volt, so I am...
  10. Lightning P38

    Max speed with just battery

    The manual for my kit says the max speed for me would be 20 mph. Does that mean with just the 36 volt 10 amp battery and 500 watt geared hub motor, and me not pedaling? As my max speed with just the motor is 13 mph on level ground. Does that sound a little weak? The battery is charged to...
  11. Lightning P38

    Hello from Scranton, PA

    Just got my ebikekit installed and had first test ride. Am a recreational rider, and need the assist to get up the small mountain climbs here. A 36 volt system, 10 amp hr battery, and 500 watt rear wheel motor.
  12. Lightning P38

    Hello from Scranton PA

    Just installed my e kit from, also in PA. I ordered my kit from Lightning Cycles, Lompoc, CA, as they sell the ebikekit for their line of recumbents. Being a newbie, I wanted to buy a kit known to work on my recumbent. Yesterday I rode a 6 mile trip wth it. It is a 36 volt...
  13. Lightning P38

    Battery display still at 100% after 8 mile trip

    My 10 amp battery did not show any decrease on charge level after an 8 mile trip on pas 3 the whole time. I am wondering why it isn’t dropping some on the display. using the hand throttle I could only get about 12 I need to bump the pas up to 5 to more throttle response? My next...
  14. Lightning P38

    Speed display goes to zero when I coast

    I just installed an ebikekit and got in my first test ride. 36 v li ion battery, 500 watt rear wheel geared motor. The displayed mph decreases based on my pedaling speed and goes to zero when coasting. The odometer appears to do the same. I was riding on pas 3 and had a decent boost while...