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  1. Mtnm

    How contact Easy Motion?

    thank you
  2. Mtnm

    How contact Easy Motion?

    I used to be able to reliably contact BH emotion. They don't respond to messages left on the tech link (Link Removed - No Longer Exists) or to voice mails left on the 1 866-752-4872 . In past years Eric Vo was very helpful in resolving the problems with my NeoJumper, but his email no longer...
  3. Mtnm

    2018 Difference between Powerfly 5 FS and Powerfly 7 FS in the US

    Like the original poster I was comparing the 7 and 5. The obvious difference I noticed was the wider tires on the 7 (2.8") vs the 5 (2.35"). I've not done well with wide tires, which I know makes me counter to all of the popular trends (they just bounce too much laterally for me, so tracking...
  4. Mtnm

    Battery Issue

    I've found B&H has stood behind their products, so I'm sure you will get the new battery.
  5. Mtnm

    Battery Issue

    Hope you solved your problem. I did have a battery go bad, but it was rather intermittent. B&H was very kind about putting the battery on one of their bikes and take it on several rides until the problem appeared. They gladly replaced the battery. I have found the B&H support fantastic.
  6. Mtnm

    What Are Electric Bike Classes and Why Do They Matter?

    When I first purchased the bike in 2014 I was allowed to ride on most trails. Then the BLM rules changed, with no real input I ever knew about. I would like to be able to ride those trails again. I'm older (67) and not all that aggressive, but much prefer single track to the sandy roads I'm...
  7. Mtnm

    What Are Electric Bike Classes and Why Do They Matter?

    If I simply unplug the throttle on my 2014 NeoJumper will it qualify as a type 1? (The sticker on the bike indicates it is 250 watts.)
  8. Mtnm

    Easy Motion Street: System Power Cuts Out

    The connection between the display and cable going to the downtube has been a problem for me. Currently I'm using small elastic in a figure 8 to secure the connection. It seems to have a solved the connection problem for this summer. Hope this picture shows what I did. (Link Removed - No Longer...
  9. Mtnm

    Easy Motion Battery Rebuild

    Ravi, I do want to add another battery for my NeoJumper, 2014 26". I am not sure how to contact you? Mike, Colorado
  10. Mtnm

    My 2015 EVO Street Has Arrived!

    Bob, I find the screw type connection holding the cable running from the display is a problem for me even when screwed in well. My solution was accidentally discovered after many other attempts. I keep the connection in a vertical position now, because it is against a bright headlight I've...
  11. Mtnm

    Easy Motion / EVO display broken clip fix

    I think BH will send you a new mount, as you are still in the warranty period (is it 5 years?). They have been very supportive. Better than being several kilometers up a trail and suddenly have no connection.
  12. Mtnm

    Any New Batteries for Neo Jumper?

    Thank you for the suggestion. I normally will carry my second battery in a backpack. Really hoping to find new and improved batteries since there have been improvements since I purchased.
  13. Mtnm

    Any New Batteries for Neo Jumper?

    Looking to find any improved or new battery releases for the Neo Jumper (mine is a 2014). I do have a 9 Ah and 12 Ah battery. Looking to extend my range.
  14. Mtnm

    2016 Jumper - no throttle

    On trails I only use the throttle when dismounted and walking up steep rocky sections. Throttles seem widely misunderstood by the general bike riding community. Throttles just are not that helpful in riding an e-bike. Cadence and shifting down early work best. The throttle is disabled during...
  15. Mtnm

    Easy Motion Street: System Power Cuts Out

    I do hope you are able to solve your problem. The dealer should be able to solve the problem and create a more reliable bike. I have found BH willing to stand behind their warranty and solve problems. The display can be an area of concern. Too tight of a mounting screw will distort the...
  16. Mtnm

    Stop hating ebikes

    I do think it's a good idea to allow e-bikes on single track. The point is not to boost speed, but still allow people like myself to continue to enjoy a wonderful experience as we age. When I first purchased my e-bike I was allowed to ride on the single track, but now haters are closing that...
  17. Mtnm

    Remove Easy Motion

    Sounds like a good idea. If it turns out please post a picture.
  18. Mtnm

    Remove Easy Motion

    Looking at your other stickers seems like a nice bumper sticker might fit in well. Looking forward to pictures of the result.
  19. Mtnm

    How to adjust torque sensor to give it less boost

    I do think the NeoJumper could benefit by lower levels of boost, but short of changing the controller (which is inside the frame below where the battery connects) the boost is basically a "what you have is what you get". My work around for high boost is to pedal in lower gears with a higher...
  20. Mtnm

    Neo Jumper 2014

    I weigh about 200 lbs and find a setting on the rear shock of about 150 psi works well on rough single track. About all the manual suggested was adjusting the rear shock so it sags by 1/3 with you on the bike. I keep my tires around 45 psi to absorb hits and maximize traction. If I go with...