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  1. HonoraryOrange

    Upgrading battery - how do you know what a controller can handle?

    I currently have an E-Lux Tahoe Sport with a 48V/20A battery and I was thinking of picking up a spare battery. In the process, I was considering a 52V/20A since the price difference is negligible. And from what I've seen things can be a little more efficient that way as well - At least I think...
  2. HonoraryOrange

    Help choosing - for heavier rider?

    Hi there! I'm currently looking to get fully into the ebike world and am seeking suggestions on finding this.. unicorn Caveat: I'm a larger guy at about 330lbs (and dropping!), which narrows down the available bikes quite a bit. Main uses: Commuting a few miles each day and weekend treks on...