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    Vado SL firmware update - power boosted?

    Easy. Go to iPhone Specialized app. Settings pair. Needed code to pair comes on sticker on new bike. I didn’t know what sticker was for so three it out. It’s available below on/off plate on top tube. Need a torx. Paired first try
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    Realistic mileage for the Turbo Vado SL 5.0 EQ?

    I’m only 73 so sold my Vado 5.0 to buy SL 5.0. On turbo I’m good for about 10%grade. Love this bike
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    Specialized’s ultra-light 120-mile range e-bike - Turbo Vado SL

    I had Vado 5 for 8 months. Too powerful to ride like a bike. Sold for 80% of new bike price. Big demand for Ebikes💁 SL 5.0 EQ is perfect. Future shock is worth the added price. Will add Thudposter seat post for magic carpet ride
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    Heart Rate Monitor Recommendations

    I use a Wahoo chest strap. Biggest advantage is that it syncs easily with Mission Control. I don't wear a watch and like the idea of simply looking at Mission Control to check heart rate during intervals.
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    Vado 4 Punctures

    Unsure of what models come with tubeless ready rims. I had the experience of three flats within the first 6 weeks. Shop put on WTB Byway tires. Rides really smooth and no flats. I've ridden tubeless for years. Never had a flat that didn't seal up right away. Only have to pump the tire...
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    Specialized Vado Firmware - very little motor drag after 4.0.1 firmware update

    Motor drag mostly eliminated after firmware update. I like to ride with power off with a noticeable drag from the motor. LBS updated firmware (and forced update to motor just in case). Riding a park with no power showed no drag although seems you have to up cadence and then frees up. Will check...
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    Trying to decide: Vado 4.0 vs 5.0 (US market)

    I did lots of test rides with the 5.0 definitely being better with components, battery size, and especially torque. Torque is priceless a friend told me. I ride 25-40 mile road and gravel with frequent climbs. 5.0 is worth the money. If you're using relatively flat and low speed 4.0 would be...
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    Heart Rate Monitor Recommendations

    I use the Wahoo heart strap monitor. Syncs easily with Mission Control so you can watch your heart rate. With it's App, get heart rate, etc. read out.