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    A couple of hard truths today...

    I'm 6'2" and have the Vado SL 5.0 EQ, size XL. Inseam is 32". I love my bike. However, there is no question but that the top bar is WAY TOO high, and there's no reason other than aesthetics for it to be so high. I normally tilt the bike down to throw my leg over it when getting on (and off)...
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    Curious How many Vado SL Owners & reviews after several miles riding

    Joruk: On the flats I've never been able to hit 30mph, but I also haven't tried too many times. It's way it's easy for me to get to 27 mph on the flats (and I'm a big guy 6'2" 260--a fairly fit fat guy!). But I would find a motor cutting off at 20 mph to be annoying, because it's really easy...
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    Turbo Vado 4 SL tires for wet roads

    Thanks for posting the question, BEC, I have the same concern.
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    Turbo Vado SL

    Saweeet!! Love the white!
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    RackTime Talis Pannier Bag and Trader Joe’s

    My ride buddy has a RackTime Odin bag on his Trek, but I went with the smaller Talis w/ folding panniers. I was a little worried it might not be big enough. No longer worried. Just got back from Trader Joe’s. Got 30+ pounds of stuff into the bag and panniers, plus my Kryptonite New York LS lock...
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    Flashing tail light for Turbo Vado SL EQ

    The taillight is a solid red with 2 LED bulbs, and is hard wired to the rear fender. Any way to switch it out for a flashing/strobing tail light?
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    Turbo Vado SL

    The Turbo Vado SL rides and pedals just fine with the motor off, no motor drag. I'll never get stranded with mine, because with the motor off, it's just a mid-30 pound hybrid road bike, except it rides and pedals much nicer than any other non-motorized mid-30 pound hybrid, because it has nicer...
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    Curious How many Vado SL Owners & reviews after several miles riding

    I'm still in love with my bike! Vado SL 5.0 EQ. Rode it about 12 miles Saturday down to our local Saturday market with a buddy who has a Trek Verve. I was amazed how many tomatoes, packs of frozen organic meat, sweet onions, radishes, ears of corn, etc. I could get in my RackTime bag w/...
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    Locks for Turbo Vado 4 SL EQ

    I got the Kryptonite LS New York lock and purchased a complementary cable to go with it. Longer than other U-bars. Works great, although it is heavy. Fits easily in the bottom of my Racktime bag. Was $79 last month when I bought it, price seems to have jumped $30 this month...
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    Love my new Turbo Vado SL 4.0

    That's a beautiful bike! Love the color. Congrats! I also have been trying to get my wife to test drive a Como—she secretly sold her Trek mechanical on Craigslist last summer after 21 years of motherhood (and several years of gathering dust). Let us know what she thinks!
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    From a Buffalo to a Gazelle, First Ride Turbo Vado 5.0 EQ

    Nice! I see the Large is no longer in stock at the e-Bike store! Enjoy! I definitely need to explore the Mission Control App. Stefan posted on that earlier in the week, and the tool seems pretty amazing. What do the numbers mean (20/35, 35/60, and 60/100) and how are they different than the...
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    Vado 4.0 vs. Vado 4.0 SL EQ (I've owned both)

    I‘ve shrunk about 1/4“, but used to be 6’2”. I also tested both the SL Large and XL. The step over height was my biggest concern. 32” inseam. I can lift the front wheel a couple of inches standing over the bar on the XL. With the L, I could lift it 3-4”. Website says the stand over height on the...
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    Specialized Turbo Vado SL 5.0 EQ-My 2 cents

    Great analysis, jwehman. After a week with the Vado SL 5.0, I‘m beginning to see why avid cyclists have a quiver of bikes in their garage, some even a quiver of e-bikes. I have 2 bikes now, and it wouldn’t surprise me if I never rode my mechanical bike again—unless I were riding it because I was...
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    Specialized Turbo Vado SL 5.0 EQ 1st Ride Review

    Thanks for that suggestion on fitting. My local shop offers a fairly comprehensive fitting service, and I intend to schedule once they are able to open. Right now they are just offering curbside service, and no customers in the store. I was wondering if it would be worth it, and it sounds like...
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    Specialized Turbo Vado SL 5.0 EQ 1st Ride Review

    Thanks for the in put, Stephan and Johnny!! I will check out those accessories. Can't disagree there! We've got a craft brewery in Eastern Oregon just outside the Eagle Cap Wilderness that makes a really clean Czech style Pilsner out of glacier melt water that I discovered after a really long...
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    Specialized Turbo Vado SL 5.0 EQ 1st Ride Review

    Nice! I also have recently watched Court's and others' reviews of the Kinect and Thudbuster. Kind of spendy, and the Thudbuster at least seems like it might have too much horizontal movement and maybe too squishy for the type of riding I like to do, but the Kinect might be in the "upgrade...
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    Specialized Turbo Vado SL 5.0 EQ 1st Ride Review

    24 miles today on Day 7. Makes me realize what a nube I was 7 days ago (and still am). Same general hilly route I did last Monday that seemed long at 15 miles, but added 2 miles of uphill before turning down into the valley, plus 7 more miles of rolling river flats. Very easy now to maintain...