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  1. Submariner

    Hello my name is Brian

    I decided to post another idea that may be easier in the DIY, Kits & Custom Builds. Here Thanks for the direction Ann.
  2. Submariner

    Hilltopper control board

    I have two Hilltopper battery/controllers each 24V 6.6Ah with the 8fun 250 watt front wheel hub. I'm having troubles with hills and not range or speed. Can I combine the two battery packs in series (making 48V) to help on hills or will it not help me on hills? If it does, do you know offhand...
  3. Submariner

    Hello my name is Brian

    I have a Giant Cypress with a front wheel hub Hill Topper kit. I joined to start a discussion on adding another HillTopper kit to the rear wheel. I have two identical kits both FRONT wheel. What forum should this discussion take place? Brian