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    Bosch range boost - questions

    I'm curious about Bosch's range boost for those that have them. I've been dreaming up some long distance rides (100+ miles) and I'm wondering what the charging process is like for the whole 80% charge thing. When you have both the powertube battery in the frame and the range boost attached...
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    Charging cycles - battery life

    This shows my ignorance I'm sure - but I'm curious and always have been (I used to own a Nissan Leaf). When a company says a battery lasts so many charging cycles, say 1000, what does that mean. Is 1 charging cycle "used up" when I charge from 60 -> 80%? Sorry if that's a stupid question.
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    First ebike century with my Allant 9.9s

    I'm thoroughly impressed! I still had to add a bit of my own effort but: 104.1 miles - started with 100% finished with 4% (bike motor shut down right as I was arriving back in town) 5 hours, 1 min and 25 seconds, elapsed time according to strava isn't far behind at 5 hours, 1 min and 40...
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    Removing and reinstalling front fender on Allant 9.9s

    Has anyone removed the front fender of their Allant 9.9s? I'm a person that likes to be able to fidget, fix, make things better, etc... I'm curious how easy it is to re-install. I did remove the piece of plastic that covers the bolts that hold the fender to the wheel, but the bolts are...
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    Options for tubeless for allant 9.9s

    First off - I'm not familiar with 27.5 size tires. This bike brings e-bikes as well as disc and the option for tubeless tires. I'd like to replace the bontrager tires eventually once those start wearing but want to start researching. I burn through 700c 19-23 in roughly a year and a half -...
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    Ran my Allant 9.9s through some test rides - trying to determine how battery usage compares to speed and levels of assist

    Had some fun the past few days. Between 5 different days - trying to have days that had similar weather conditions - I took my Allant 9.9s for 5 separate rides. The route I chose is 25 miles with 236 ft of "climbing" (I live in the midwest). Here are the results if you're interested! It's...
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    Spacer removal

    When I picked up my bike from the shop for purchase I noticed it had 3 spacers under the stem. Has anyone removed those and cut/lowered their steer tube? I'm thinking about taking it to a shop to have it done but I'm curious as I'm sure cables will need to be shortened (shift and brake for...
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    Allant 9.9s rack bolt

    Something has bugged me about my Allant 9.9s since the day i brought it home. The fender is off kilter by probably quarter to half an inch. Enough that I see tire tread on the rear tire where there should just be a fender in sight. So today I started to troubleshoot the rack and fender...
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    Turning lights off on bosch smartphone hub

    I've been reading in the manual that you can turn off the front and/or rear lights. I have a Trek Allant 9.9s and it seems that i should be able to press and hold the "+" button on the controls on the bars. Doesn't seem to be happening though. I tried turning it off with the cobi app via my...
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    Bought a GE smartplug to charge my allant 9.9s

    Thinking I could use a nice simple countdown timer - I bought a GE smartplug for $20 today. It seemed great at first, plugged the bike in. Battery currently at 44% so set the plug to charge for only an hour. Once the hour was up - I was in the other room. I came back and the bike was on :-/...