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    Rim Job for your consideration.

    Obviosly, it does not glow in the dark without something shining on it, but it is one hella of a reflector. The flash makes it look hotter than it is. But if it saves one person from a hit, absolutely worth the look. It really stands out. They have colors to match most bikes too...
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    Perfect bike for fat sorta lazy man!

    Has beer holder on one side, opener on another, motor, and storage for empties! Cheers!
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    About to sand off the Orange lettering on frame (clearcoated)

    I'm just scared that it won't come close to looking good again. But the RAD POWER is attracting too much attention where ebikes are illegal, and I want to be (slightly) more stealth. Anyone done it?
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    This throttle would be cool on the Rover. Checkout about half way down the throttle with integrated voltage readout. Found it here: (Link Removed - No Longer Exists) The voltage readout...
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    New Specialized Roll Sport and BBSO2.

    Pretty dang happy with the final product! All in for about $1500 if I had to buy everything again. 48 volt dolphin pack, and the new full color display/ BBSO2 from Luna.
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    Anyone ever get the leather grips off?

    I was going to experiment with the hydraulic brakes that I got on ebay, but got stymied when I went to take off the leather grips. Could barely spin them, and certainly could not pull them off. In addition, I wonder if I loosen them they will be annoying always loose? Anyway, whose done it? :-)
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    Added a fuel pump meter to the rover charger.

    I *had* one before, back in my RC days (I may yet get back into it...) but ordered this meter so I can see exactly how much I put back into the battery after a ride. Same as filling up your gas tank after a drive, it gives a pretty accurate true portrayal of what your using after a ride. Best...
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    Ever wonder how depleated your battery really is?

    Just ordered one of these: (Link Removed - No Longer Exists) I used to have one for my rc days, and a charger that would also tell me how much I put in. It's valuable information really, when I come back from my ride with a rover, and two bars are left, what does that really mean? By putting...
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    USB charge from display intermittent?

    Just tried the phone charger from the USB on the left hand side of the display. It is completely intermittent, will not stay on. I would say it has a 50% duty cycle that lasts about 3 seconds. Anyone else run across this?
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    New Tail Light.

    My bike never did have one, I dunno if it fell out of the (damaged) box during shipping, or just got forgotten. No biggie, I knew it was a cheapie from reviews, so not a big issue. I ordered the light that BVC had linked to in his awesome youtube video, from amazon. Well, that sort of sucked...
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    Anyone put a bigger chainring on their Rover?

    I find I am in hi gear almost all the time. Would like to go a little higher at times, just wondering if anyone has done this already. Maybe 46 tooth?
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    Pumped Rover to 30 psi.

    I weigh 270 pounds, and had been running 15 to 20 psi. Today I pumped up to 30 to see what it would feel like. Daddy likes! Feels like a glider now, MUCH better rolling resistance. Cold as hell, with wind chill below 0*, but still went for a ride. The beer didn't get warm.
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    Raising handle bar stem on Rover?

    I've not tried yet, but it does not look like there is much meat to raise it?
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    My $25 "Big Brake Upgrade".

    I always go for brake upgrades in my cars, my Jetta TDI got a set of wagon brakes, my 6 cylinder mustang got a set of GT brakes, and my new GT, well, too expensive to upgrade those! But I noticed the parts to go from 180 to 203mm on the Rover were damn cheap so I thought I would experiment. Got...
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    Fat bike riding dynamics vs. "normal" bike.

    So, just drained the battery (almost) on my Rover. Mostly on streets, some unplowed until I slid past my comfort zone. Anyway, I notice the steering is distinctly different in that once a turn is started, you need to apply a restoring torque in the middle of the turn. If I tried (I didn't)...
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    8* out, but the UPS dude came up with this! I was scared what it would look like on the outside after seeing a few youtubes on bike shipments. Looks good so far....
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    Just curious. If I removed front wheel, would rover fit in Mustang?

    Hate to put a hitch on a brand new GT, but if I have to.... The back seat folds down, so I am wondering if it would fit in there. Car won't come out of storage for a couple months yet, and rover comes Thursday. But if you had to guess?................
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    Switching out to hydraulic brakes. Switching to brighter headlight.

    What is involved on the rover to do this? From what I gather the $90 set from luna (each sealed system caliper/ lever set) can bolt on the easy. My question is the rear - I don't have the bike yet - does the brake hose go through the frame or clip to the bottom? If it goes through, I imagine you...
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    Just ordered my Rover....

    I pulled my hair out trying to choose either a new bike, putting a BBSHD on my 20 year old road bike, or maybe a Luna bike. In the end, the finished look of the rover, the warranty, and the $1450 delivered price won out. Can't wait! In all the reviews, one consistant truth seems to be the...