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    Elite Cruiser line

    Is there anybody out there that actually has in their possession one of the new Sondors Elite line of bikes or hasn't any been even been released to the public yet?
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    So quiet

    Not much action on the Sondors site lately and miss it. I suppose most have put their bikes away for the winter. Living in the South West we tend to forget winter is raging around the country. I would like to see more word, from the people waiting for their new Elite line bike, as am I. I have a...
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    Sonders youtube

    Maybe some haven't seen this on.
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    Future Cruiser owner

    I just put my order in for the new Sondors Cruiser this afternoon. It is kind of dicey ordering a bike that doesn't even have any reviews yet. Especially with a distant projected Feb. delivery date. With luck that will happen. If anyone out there who has owned Sondors bikes can give me a bit...
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    Need a lower gear

    The last block to my home is quite steep and could use a lower gearing. I have a RC with a 52 tooth chain ring. I rarely use or need 9th gear so could I swap some of that high end gearing for more power in gear #1?. My question is, has anybody changed to a lesser tooth chainring to accomplish...
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    RC mirror

    Has anybody found a way to mount an end mirror in the end with the standard RC grips. There doesn't appear to be any way to slide in an expanding mount as far as I can determine.
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    Simple Chain Working Stand

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    power assist change

    I have a Juiced RipCurrent and am wondering if it is hard on any electrical components (such as electrical contact points) to change assist levels while under heavy peddle power power or should one ease up to lighten the electrical load of the components while changing the assist level sort of...
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    RC Motor maintance

    I have a RC with 700 miles on it. The motor (Bafang BFRMGO6 48V 750 W7) runs silent with no unusual noise issues there but am wondering if it should be taken down and the gears lubricated on some schedule.. I read about people doing that but not sure if they are taking about the same motor used...
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    Battery securing strap

    Here is a picture of how I secured the battery on my RipCurrent. The strap is a 2" wide Velcro with a wide wood wedge on top between the strap and battery to tighten it securely. If you look closely you can see the wedge. There is no way to tighten the strap without the wedge. I ride on very...