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    Elby S1 Deal. Am I craZy to purchase?

    I ran into an offer to purchase a brand new Elby S1 9-Speed from the factory with 2 year warranty at $1000 off MSRP. Can pick it up tmrw here in Toronto. Am I crazy to consider this?? With BionX now vaporized not sure if Elby is mfg with stockpiled components or if there is a new supplier...
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    Rize vs Surface 604

    Did anyone here consider also a Surface 604 Colt or Rook when making your decision to purchase a Rize Leisure or Leisure Step or City? What made you decide on a Rize over a Surface 604? Both companies seem to spec their bikes similarly and both use comparable torque sensor technology (which sets...
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    Leisure Step: Canada vs US specifications??

    In Canada the Rize web site lists the Leisure Step as having a only a 500 watt motor vs 750 in the US! That may be a reflection of Canadian regs that limit the power to 500 watts. Anyone know if the Canadian versions are just software limited to 500 watts or are they really using 2 different...