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  1. J

    pffft I do this all the time!

    I didn't realize there was a bike.
  2. J

    Free app provides safer micro-mobility specific GPS navigation for e-bikes

    Is there an option to turn on satellite image? I've always preferred having that on when using maps.
  3. J

    Agnes, my Chihuahua

    Bummer! My grandmas name was Agnes! I know the feeling, my little pup had a heart murmur as well and I was told that eventually he would die from it. Well, 17 years and three months I had the pleasure of having my little pup, in the end he had to have 2 shots to put him down because his heart...
  4. J


    You sure there is no throttle. Looks like a thumb throttle on the left side.
  5. J

    Locks and Security Solutions for Electric Bikes

    How does ziilock attach to the bike? Does it have holes to use bottle holder mount?
  6. J

    Rad Rover 5 good for going up hills?

    I would have waited to upgrade too if I actually had the bike and was out riding, unfortunately I won't get it till Aug. so instead I'm ordering all the crap I want. Plus I know I want the upgrade regardless.
  7. J

    Rad Rover 5 good for going up hills?

    Well my idle hands got the best of me last night. Bolton upgrade ordered!
  8. J

    Rad Rover 5 good for going up hills?

    AHicks, Ha I guess that's very true, not to mention if they wanted pics I could just hook the old stuff back up. I guess the only thing holding me back then is whether it ever went on sale, but if you haven't seen one then it probably won't. Thanks.
  9. J

    Rad Rover 5 good for going up hills?

    Sorry to hijack but since talking about the Bolton upgrade for the Rover I have a question. My rover is supposed to be delivered in August and since everything seems to be out of stock etc. should I order the upgrade kit immediately? Or I guess another question is, do these upgrade kits go on...