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    RackTime Talis Pannier Bag and Trader Joe’s

    My ride buddy has a RackTime Odin bag on his Trek, but I went with the smaller Talis w/ folding panniers. I was a little worried it might not be big enough. No longer worried. Just got back from Trader Joe’s. Got 30+ pounds of stuff into the bag and panniers, plus my Kryptonite New York LS lock...
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    Flashing tail light for Turbo Vado SL EQ

    The taillight is a solid red with 2 LED bulbs, and is hard wired to the rear fender. Any way to switch it out for a flashing/strobing tail light?
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    Perenium pain relief??

    Got a new Specialized bike last week and purchased a different saddle at the shop. It fits my 57-year old sit bones fine, and has a longer nose than the stock saddle. But I’m getting quite a bit of pain in the perineum area after about 12-14 miles. Wondering if a saddle with a cut-out might...
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    Specialized Turbo Vado SL 5.0 EQ 1st Ride Review

    5.0 Turbo Vado SL EQ First Ride Impressions. OMG, please somebody wipe this annoying smile off my face!! 1st ever e-bike purchase. 1st ever real e-bike ride as well. Sorry if this forum thread Reply is long, but this 6’ 1 3/4” 57-year old 260 pound fat guy is a cyclist again!! Just got home...