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  1. Marc V

    Juiced ODK U500 V3 32AH Range

    Hey All! After owning the Juiced ODK U500 V3 for a few weeks and really liking it, I finally got around to doing a full range test. Long story short I got about 50 miles with the 32ah battery on a single full charge. Long story even longer see below lol I chose to ride it in an almost worst...
  2. Marc V

    Winter Clothing (Battery powered Heated Clothing? lol)

    Hey All! I live in Chicago and it is starting to get cold, I was riding the other night and it was in the 20s! and of course Chicago can get colder! I recently bought my eBike and originally I was planning on just riding it until it started getting cold, but I am wondering about extending my...
  3. Marc V

    Hello Chicago Representing! haha

    Hey All! I am from Chicago (Born and Raised) and have been riding bicycles most of my life for leisure and point A to point B vehicle. Took years off from regular biking and was talking to a friend recently and he mentioned to me, "you should look into eBikes", and my response was, "what the...
  4. Marc V

    Self Charging eBike

    Thoughts? lol