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    Gravity Monster, good for the most part but (Brakes, Seat, Pedals)

    Assembled the new bike, that was easys enough. Climbed on it broke foot and all to give a spin in the subdivision where we live. Its much easier to ride a bike with a broke foot as it is to walking. Not sure if I'm used to the brakes on my dirt bikes or if the brakes my new ebike are lacking...
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    Bought an Electric Fat Tire Bike, what is this part

    I'm new to Electric Bikes. Bought a Gravity Monster ebike. Even though I have a Specilized gravel road/dirt road kind of bike which I should ride but do not. I'm am more of a dirt bike guy. I'm not going to say I'm like the dog that caught the car, but not far off Ha! Ha! I broke a bone in...
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    Trying to make a decision on ebike for hunting

    I am new to Electric Bicycles and new to this forum. Looking into electirc bike for hunting. One of my concerns is buy one and not use it like I think I can. My need would not be drastic. I need to be able to ride in a mile or so from where I park my hunting truck. My other concern is buy...