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    This website slow as molassis. Just me?

    NO other websites like this one, clicks often take a minute to load the new page. Like old dial up internet. I've also gotten a few warnings about malware from my security programs. Anyone else?
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    Great places to ride

    how about a thread for people to list GREAT places to ride that they know about and think worthy of other people going out of their way to seek out and experience? NOT just your local trail.................. ;) Personally we have 70 miles and growing of paved, off street bike trails, some...
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    Big Bud Pro 2wd Fatbike 50 miles

    For sale in classifieds : $1800
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    Is 36v a Euro mandate?

    Is there a law limiting Ebikes to 36v in Europe? While there's no overwhelming reason to prefer 48v it does seem to provide a performance boost in most applications. Certainly did in my cordless E lawn mower going from 36-48v. Given the competitive nature of this biz it just seems surprising...
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    If I hadn't been home sick a lithium ion battery would have burned my house down

    So I've gotten pretty comfortable with LiFePO4 (the "safe" lithium ion) batteries and don't think a lot about them anymore. Well today, a single 18650 cell rolled off a shelf where I keep them and my dog got it. She took it under my bed and gave it a chomp. It shows slight flattening on 2...
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    This should be a game changer for battery costs
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    Purion backward compatable?

    To my 2015 Performance motor? (xduro fs rx)
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    Any Nuvinci failures here?

    When Nuvinci first came out they were very fragile and couldn't take a lot of torque (even leg power alone!) and there were seemingly quite a few failures. 5 years ago or so. But it was a new design, new technology in effect. Other internal hubs WERE also more "fragile" than solid and cheap...
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    Flash 1.5 ??

    Who's using Falco Flash 1.5? Does it work well? Can I use it instead of the console display that has never worked real well?
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    Why do I only get boost to 19 mph

    It's a digital device right? Shouldn't it be dead on? FS RX
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    Big Bud - The Good stuff

    Got a chance to ride my new BB on the narrow sandy beaches of Lake Michigan by S.Haven and wow was that fun. Effortless over most terrain. Doesn't want to carry my 240lbs over deep sand (who would?) but did so when needed. Few times in deep loose sand or stones the front would start to wash...
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    Bosch servicing

    Has anyone found any good videos detailing servicing of the bosch mid drive on my FS RX? No dealers within 100 miles of me so I need to learn how to work on it a bit.
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    I want my 1 mph

    Why does my FS RX cut out at 19ish mph and not dead on 20mph?? Isnt that part of being "digital", that it would be dead on 20mph? Why is it 19mph and how do I get the full 20mph?
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    What chain?

    I'm approaching 500 miles on my Full Seven RX and need to think about chain and front sprocket I think. If I stand up and push the chain is slipping slightly. (Why don't bikes have axle adjusters like motorcycles to let you deal with some stretch?) Is there any thing new and "heavy duty"...
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    WallyWorld selling E fattie

    Who'd a thunk it? I guess we've hit the mainstream! (Link Removed - No Longer Exists)
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    Who's got a drop seat?

    Know the seat tube diameter? (30.9 or 31.6) Having so much fun on the Hai (FS RX 2015) that I've had to start learning to offroad :)
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    How short can fit?

    Looking for a bike for 5'4" gf. Will she fit on the Rover?
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    Rad Rover

    Is there anything to compare with the Rad Rover for $1500-2000 new this year? Fatbike, front suspension, looks nice, nicely featured, etc. Seems like a heck of a bike for the money. I'm looking at a gf and buddy bike. Both are 5'5", does anyone know if they'll fit it ok? Wish they had a small.
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    Falco deserves more attention

    With all the proprietary crap out there, these guys have been open source all along. Use whatever battery you want. Easy to setup, easy to use, use the display or don't, use your cell phone to control it, use that cheap battery you can get from XX, monster torque on the new motors - 500lb load...
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    What's the best selling E bike?

    Do they even release sales figures? I know recumbent bike and trike manufacturers don't. Guesses? Probably a cheaper, readily accessible. Izip model maybe??