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    Motor, battery, or me?

    My bike's display goes blank and the motor cuts out when I get down to 3bars, probably closer to 2, and climbing a hill towards the end of my 11 commute home. It seems to work fine when the battery is more fill. My bike is just over two years old and I have only about 1300 miles on it. Is it...
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    EBR is Everywhere

    When I am trolling the internet looking at website that sell/manufacture ebikes it seems that MANY of these sites include EBR reviews to promote their product(s). I was wondering if Court is getting any props/ money for this. I sure hope so!! example...
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    Specialized Turbo Levo

    Anyone know anything about this bike. It looks nice!,9143/Slideshow,0/iceman2058,94
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    broken spoke advice needed

    I've been trying to ride to work as much as possible in may. I noticed on my way home that I have a broken spoke on my rear wheel. Can I keep riding till the weekend and try to get it fixed then ?? or should I not risk and take the car until it is fixed.
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    Diamondback EBIKES Why

    I wonder if Currie is spreading their line too wide. It seems like the new Diamondback bikes are just rebranded versions on the Path and Dash. Reminds me a bit of General Motors. They are doing the the same Raleigh.
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    Court ! Court! Come in Court.

    I assume that you are still on your travels through the Northeast or perhaps: You were arrested while riding an ebike in NY You were kidnapped by evil agents of the oil industry who see you as a threat. You returned to your home planet, and you are getting the invasion force ready. Someone...
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    Should I keep my bike battery in the fridge?

    We have had a heat spell here in Southern California this week. With terrible fires in San Diego county. I got home yesterday, trenched in sweat by the way, and I plugged my battery into the charger in the very hot garage. My wife won't let me keep the battery in the house due to fire fears...
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    Can someone please recommend a pair of sunglasses that would be good for my commute? The other day was pretty windy and I kept getting junk in my eyes. There is also a section of my commute that is a gravel road where junk flies up at me. Keep in mind that I really don't like sunglasses and...
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    Where do you draw the line of what is an e-bike??

    I was looking over some of Court's latest reviews and saw the ones for: Link Removed Echobike Always (no longer exists) I know being an e-bike owner and supporter of the movement, I should feel some sort of kinship with these, but something about these types of e-bikes really bugs me. To me...
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    Even More Neo Carbon Love

    I finally did it!! I ordered a Neo Carbon. I should have it Thursday or Friday. I will keep you posted. Thanks to all that helped me decide. It was really a toss up between the Dash and the Carbon up until the last second. They are both awesome bikes. I just feel a bit better about...
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    Battery on Neo 650b Jumper

    Court you listed the battery as a 36 volt 9amp during your recent review. I thought the newer 2014 bikes, 650b, 650b jumper, Jett, all had the 12 amp hour battery?
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    Mountain E-Biking

    I am considering a full suspension e-bike that will serve the primary purpose as a commuter. My question is: What are the responses of others when you trail ride with an electric bike? Do they give you crap? Is it even legal?? What have any of you experienced?
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    Local Dealer vs. A Great Deal

    I have found some great deals on bikes from far away dealers, many offer free shipping too! I value my local dealers, but at what cost? If you can save 20-40% buying on-line from some dealer far away, is it worth it?? I know some don't have dealers close by and have no other choice, but what...
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    Shadow vs Dash vs Neo?--Thoughts, Opinions, Help

    I am looking to purchase an e-bike probably around March. My primary reason for the bike is for commuting. I love the idea of saving gas, getting exercise, and having fun all while doing something that I have to do anyway--go to work. I currently have a hard-tail mountain bike which I love...
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    Shadow with Pedal Assist AND Throttle

    I am hearing conflicting responses about the ability to add a throttle to the Shadow. I have reached out to Motiv on their Facebook site and they said that it can't be done. They told me that they could trade out the pedal assist for a throttle off of one of their Sparks, but I couldn't have...
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    E-Bike Battery Care and Maintenance

    I have never had any luck caring for batteries. Laptops, tools, hobby batteries etc have all died on me way too soon. I think I tend to over charge things or something?? As I am consider buying an ebike, I am concerned that I will destroy that battery as well. I would like some specific...