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    eTap for Allant+?

    I upgraded my xm700+ to an Allant+ 9.9S last year and am curious if it's possible (or feasible) to upgrade it to an eTap shifting setup? Thanks!
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    Used Trek 2017 xm700+ $1450 OBO Metro Detroit area

    I upgraded to an Allant+ 9.9S recently and am looking to sell my trusty xm700+. I'm the original owner. It's a 28 mph s-pedelec ebike targeted at commuters: It has a low cycle 400wh battery, as the...
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    Bosch Problem - 500 error code, all battery lights blinking

    I have an issue with my xm700+ where the computer is displaying a 500 error and all battery lights blink together every second or so. The bike is completely unpowered and won't allow me to change from off to eco or higher. Yesterday, it started to intermittently cut power, so I lightly scuffed...