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    RadMini Rear Rack Trunk - Help

    Hello, I have a 2019 RadMini and really like it. When I ordered the bike, I also ordered the rear rack from Rad Power Bikes. At present, I have a pair of Ortleib panniers (BTW, since the RadMini rear rack is made with 20 mm tubing, if you are considering after market panniers, Ortleib offers a...
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    Dealer Markups-Wow!

    I did a Google search for the following 2018 Pedego Stretch 2 wheel drive bikes and the following came up Why would they make this public???
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    Voltbike Yukon 750 Quick Release?

    Hi Everyone, My first post. I am thinking about buying a Yukon and wonder if anyone has installed or knows if it is possible to install a quick release on the Yukon's front axle. If so, is it difficult or expensive? Is this a bike shop job? Thanks for your help with this matter.