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    Battery charging routine?

    For reference, I just got my first ebike and it came with a Bosch PowerTube 500Wh. After a few workouts, I find that I usually drain 70-85% of the battery after a ~20mile ride. Sometimes I do the same route on consecutive days, so I just put the bike on the charger right when I get home from a...
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    Domane+ HP

    I want a Domane+ HP, and I see on Trek’s website that they offer any paint scheme you can “dream” of. Most of their road bikes are available in Amethyst/Brushed Chrome, but Domane+ HP is not. I asked a couple LBS about this and one said it is because that is not one of the project one “team...
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    Trek Domane+ HP

    This is the exact setup I am looking for (Pearl), can you perhaps post some more pictures of it in different lighting? How long did it take to arrive after you ordered it? I went to a bike shop today and they told me that color would take 3-4 months.