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    Gears slipping

    Yep, stretching always happens when new and then just occasionally after. It doesn't happen enough for me to remember which way to turn it, but if you do and nothing improves, then you go the OTHER way. :)
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    Gears slipping

    It IS nice to be able to properly adjust a derailuer but all you USUALLY need to know is to turn the little thumbknob to adjust the cable tension. Slipping can almost always be adjusted away at the handlebar. But the deraileur end can make larger adjustments, so that is 2nd. And even small...
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    An after market electric kit for your gas engine car ?

    Its already being done by multiple shops here and everywhere. Yamaha and others have modular engine/battery combo's coming for all kinds of drop in use. It's the next wave of hot rodding..
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    I had an Easy Motion Big Bud Pro for a couple of years with hub motors in each wheel with actual limited slip action with the slipping wheel cutting power to keep traction. It was fun but heavy and slow steering (think truck-like compared to sports car) compared to "normal" bikes (front hub...
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    Choices for a Heavier Person?

    FWIW - I had a EasyMotion BIg Bud Pro fatbike with motors in both wheels and while it was really cool and a lot of fun in light snow it wasn't anywhere near as much fun as any of the other 6 Ebikes I've owned. Fat wheels and tires add a heaviness to the steering and ride that I just didn't...
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    New to hills. How to start up from a stop

    With motor or without, the normal method for starting up a steepish hill is go SIDEWAYS across the slope to get some momentum going and shift to a lower gear if you forgot. Then turn uphill when you've got some momentum. If it's really steep you might have to turn and roll downhill first to be...
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    Using Falco software for updates and speed settings

    You can't use it with JUST the phone app can you? You have the hxd display or whatever they are using now?
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    Question to Haibike Full Suspension owners

    Supermoto X's are SO nice and so HD, almost like a light duty motorcycle tire. Much thicker center tread and rolls very nicely. You'll love them onroad.
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    Did you need the tool? Anything else? After being against dongling (I'm 100% bike path) I'm now moving from my treasured location right by a trailhead to our 80 miles of trails to a busy suburban road 5 miles from any trail. Its a busy and fast moving road with no shoulder to speak of, so...
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    If you normally turn on the assist only at the handlebar (like me): Next time it does this, try turning on the power at the battery switch. I've had the same issue a few times with my 16 xduro fs rx with performance drive. Read this somewhere and tried it last time the bike did it and it came...
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    Something surring metallicly?

    Yes, I'd bet that is your problem.
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    Question to Haibike Full Suspension owners

    I've had the replacement for more than year. I'll keep an eye on it. Can't imagine have any trouble with master links with a 1-1.4hp motor. Never had an issue with them on more than 20 motorcycles, but nothing over 100hp.
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    Question to Haibike Full Suspension owners

    Yes, jumping out of gear is usually a cable in need of adjusting. A worn sprocket will have sharp teeth. I have over 1,000miles on the stock chain with no measureable wear.
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    Haibike dealer support is terrible.

    I"ll give a hearty recommendation to Summit City Bikes here in Fort Wayne, IN. They've jumped into Ebikes and though they don't sell Haibike they gladly serviced mine including running diagnostics and update checks on my motor. I got a nice printout with a lot of information on the bikes use...
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    Question to Haibike Full Suspension owners

    Yes, jumping out of gear is usually a cable in need of adjusting. A worn sprocket will have sharp teeth. I have over 1,000miles on the stock chain with no measureable wear. I've had a backup hd KMC E bike chain on hand for about 18 months. :)
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    Who has had premature drivetrain failures with a Mid drive ?

    No, that's not only not obvious but totally incorrect. Many of the cheap geared hubs can have very short lives. Espcially if overheated/overworked and the plastic gears are destroyed.
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    Upgrading from Bosch Purion to Intuvia Controller

    curious what you think is an upgrade about the Intuvia?
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    Bosch Intuvia won't switch from off to eco

    excuse me? This is happening on the 2016 Haibike Xduro I have. It's more than 2 years old. But just barely. It IS a big deal. Pretty freaking lame. :(
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    Bosch Intuvia won't switch from off to eco

    I've also had an occasional inability to turn on the assist. And then at some point it kicks in and works.
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    Introducing the Populo Lift V2 step-through comfort e-bike

    This seems like a nicely featured Ebike for the amount of $. But they've been around a couple of years and there are NO posts here or owners feedback anywhere that I can find. Made in China, but what else do we know?