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  1. pliablemoose

    Just scored a Park stand on craigslist

    $100 PRS-5 For some reason, Park used non stainless hardware, and it's got some serious rust, will be swapping it all out for stainless fasteners, should cost all of $10 to make it pretty again :-)
  2. pliablemoose

    So I made the plunge, bought a couple of ST1's

    An Elite for the girlfriend, and a Platinum for me. Have had a Sport for almost a year, and got the upgrade bug a few weeks ago, girlfriend and I rented a couple of Stromers (Sports) in San Francisco and rode the heck out of them for 24 hours, we were both sad to give them back. Came home and...
  3. pliablemoose

    Zzipper Bicycle Fairing for Electric Bikes?

    I have a Sport, and will be getting an St1 Platinum likely this next week. Am wondering what you all think of the Zzipper fairings? I had one back in the 80's and it seemed to make a bit of a difference, am thinking with the faster speeds of the Stromer, it might be worth it to try one again...