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    Best cargo bike under $3,000

    Live in Southern California and have 4 kids under 4. Looking for a cargo bike so we can explore local areas with the 2 oldest. Boys. 2.5 and 4. Girls are 1 yr Area is a little hilly. 5 decent hills around us. Otherwise flat. Here are my thoughts. Re a cargo bike Rad Wagon 4. Coming in...
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    E-Bike Commuter Decision

    Hi Everyone from Newport Beach, CA The 2 of us, Wife (5’ 6”) and myself (6’ 3”) are in the market for a Commuter E-Bike. It will be for going around town, Beach paths, etc. Have 4 small kids. May eventually have a Child Bike Trailer behind one of the bikes so we can tow the 2 little ones...