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    Intermittent bbs02

    Hi there, im looking for some advice on my bbs02. Basically i got the upgraded controler from luna cycle and it was working great (and still might be) but im having trouble with the unit cutting in and out. The display works and measures speed, the battery level works to. Ive double checked all...
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    Hub vs bafang

    Hi all im after some advice on hub v mid drive. I have a bafang mid drive and am thinking of upgrading to the new 1000w bbshd but im concerned about the extra strain on the gears as im already a bit fed up with clunky gear changes and chains falling off. (Even with the bling ring) my question is...
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    Bbs02 500w 48v max amps

    Hello, i have a bbs02 500w 48v and have just purchased the cable to fiddle with the settings as i want to allow throttle in pas 0. Ive been told that the 500w 48v is just the 750w motor with the amps limited to 18. So am i correct in asuming that if i set the amps to 25 on the setting i will...
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    Taking an electric bike on an aeroplane

    Does anybody no what the score is with taking an electric bike in a bike bag on a flight as checked baggage?? I hear that some airlines refuse electric bikes because of the dangers with the batteries.
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    Bafang v bosch

    does anybody own both if these systems. Im thinking of going down the bosch/yamaha route, full suspension but was wondering how much power difference is between the 2. I have a 48v 500w bafang and love the climbing ability from a 44t front cog but im worried ill be very disspointed if i change...
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    Which full suspension enduro bike

    Hi all, im looking to ditch the cheap merida hardtail i installed my bbs02 48v 500w system on and go full suspension. Only problem is here in norway their isnt much choice so need to buy one online from the uk. My budget is £2000. I like the scott genius/spark but have no idea which it will fit...