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    Turbo Levo chain questions

    Hello I have a few chain related questions, My bike chain came off my Turbo Levo recently and it was very rusty. I’ve only occasionally pumped a bit of lubricant oil on it, which obviously wasn’t enough, so what is the best way to maintain the chain? Also, do I need a new chainring too? The...
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    Rear derailleur out of alignment. How to fix?

    Went through some very thick mud, chain got stuck and now the rear deraileur looks like this. Do I need a new one or can I fix it?
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    (Odd request) Is there a non-bluetooth battery for the Turbo Levo?

    Is there a way to either turn off the bluetooth functionality or can I use a battery that doesn't have bluetooth? I recently discovered that I have a bad reaction whenever I'm exposed to electromagnetic radiation, or RF radiation, which is emitted by all of our wireless technology e.g. WiFi...