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    What bike to choose?

    Thanks for the information. The more I read I am leaning towards a regular e-bike and getting a trailer that folds down. Thanks for the list of events; I should have made it to the Denver one - only seven hours away! I am planning a trip to Crazy Lenny's, a little further than Denver. May also...
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    Does anyone have an Electra Townie Go?

    Court has a great review of this bike, but I would like information from anyone who owns one.
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    Need Help Getting Started

    Jamie, Did you purchase an e-bike? My situation is very similar to yours. I travel in a B+ motorhome with two dogs. I do not tow a car, so want a bike for the same reasons as you. I currently do have a older e-bike with a side mount battery which makes balancing a challenge. As a result I ride...
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    What bike to choose?

    Adding additional information- I have a small motorhome and do not tow a car. So this is my transportation for short trips to pick up groceries etc. Should I consider a cargo bike? If so, would I need a special bike rack, as lifting the extra weight would be difficult. I currently have a tilt...
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    What bike to choose?

    I would like an electric bike for fun and recreation. I few years back I purchased, which I still have, but rarely ride, a I-Zip with the side battery. When I rode it at the LBS on a flat parking lot it seemed fine. However, when on bike paths and the road, the lopsided weight of the side...