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    E5 error

    I know this forum isn't too terribly active, but has anyone received an E5 error on their bikes? I talked to someone today who has a Trace and he's getting that error. Apparently he was told to try putting dielectric grease on the main junction cable that connects/disconnects the motor from...
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    Water issues?

    I've got a Zuma on hold at a local bike shop, but I'm beginning to have some second thoughts about getting it. Among other things, I want to know what everyone's real world experience has been with regards to rain and what not. We're having horrible weather here right now and I would still be...
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    Aftermarket battery

    I'm looking at these bikes and have read about the concerns regarding batteries. I know some of the other bikes I have looked at, people have simply replaced their OEM packs with another brand (like the ones they sell at Lunacycles, etc.). Has anyone already done this with a Dash and if so...