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    Winter Riding

    Thanks Chris Nolte
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    Winter Riding

    Had anyone in here ridden electric bike in the winter? Would like to hear your experience. Thank you.
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    Hybrid electric scooter

    It's a very good deal for a scooter like this. It's amazing for the structure and features, and the price is just $2700. It really is amazing! It looks very nice. However, many electric bikes are so expensive because they are cool, delicate and tough at the same time, and almost as powerful...
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    New here, would like to say hello to everyone

    Hi @Cnugget I've been using it everyday, for going to work mainly. The paths I ride are not rough. I enjoy it very much. Too bad winter is coming soon. I will have to put it away. I've converted a regular bike to be an electric one and put two winter tires on it. It's very strong and nice...
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    New here, would like to say hello to everyone

    There are 26" electric folding bikes. I see there's one kind on now on sale for US $756.99. It's bigger and heavier, I guess. It seems nice and has 5 stars rating by 3 people. It's just not brand name and only 250W, so it may not be very cool as some others. You get what you...
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    New here, would like to say hello to everyone

    Hi BowtieDuck again, I don't know if you would prefer Urban or Yukon. An Urban is good in a way that it is foldable and lighter, so you can put it in the trunk of a suv or a small car easily. A Yukon is stronger because it's a fat bike and has higher power battery (500W). It looks masculine...
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    New here, would like to say hello to everyone

    So far so good. I've been riding it for only four months now. I don't ride it much, just from home to work and back every day for less than 15 km each day. Have no problem going up hills. The fastest I went a few times was up to 29 km/h. I don't have the need for speed or to see how tough...
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    Hey, I forgot to introduce myself :)

    An awesome bike! Thank you for sharing. Do you have much snow in the winter in your city/town? If you do, I think a pair of winter/studded wheels may help. I'm planning to ride my ebike this winter too - first year. I'm a little bit scared. But you don't know how it's like until you try...
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    front hub

    Three weeks ago I bought a Powerful 36/48V 500W 8Fun BaFang Front Wheel Electric Bike Conversion Kit Ebike for less than $350.00 and a 36V 14Ah battery for $248.00 on Both of them were delivery by Fedex in a couple days. You can request to the seller what size of the wheel you...
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    Friends Don't Let Friends Ride E-Bikes

    Buy an ebike conversion kit (front wheel or rear wheel) on ebay or aliexpress and converse your regular bike to an ebike. It's not too expensive. I did mine and am very happy with it.
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    Need advice from the pros

    In addition to David Miller's post regarding the link to find a good ebike, I think you need to buy winter tires/studded tires. Here's a link I find it helpful: I'm planning to ride my ebike this winter. It's going to be my first...
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    ebike conversion kits

    Thanks to and Berry78 for your replies.
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    Specialized SWorks - FSR XC - Year 2000- want to add BBSHD - help

    That's a nice bike. Hill Topper Bike Kit could be nice if you want to converse it to an ebike. The kit ranges from $499.00 - $1049.00. You may want to look at this site
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    ebike conversion kits

    I was planning to converse my 26" wheels regular bicycle to an ebike. I bought LCD+Disc+ Front 36V 800W Electric Bicycle Hub Motor Brushless Conversion Kit 26" and 36v 20ah LiFePO4 Battery 5A Charger BMS E Bike Rechargeable Powerful USE 800W But now I read the bicycle laws in my city, and...
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    I'm 84, I need to buy an electric bike.

    Hi Charlie, I don't know if you've bought an ebike yet. If not yet, I suggest you go to (this dealer is in Bristish Columbia, Canada) to have a look and see the reviews for yourself. I'm not a dealer, not a friend with the dealer. I just bought a Voltbike Urban from...
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    Keep your ebikes stored somewhere safe!

    Sorry to hear your bike was stolen. It's really hurt. Not only you lost money that you paid for the bike, but also you lost the bike to go to work or somewhere. I wonder if some kind of security alarm attached to the bike would help to prevent theft?
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    New here, would like to say hello to everyone

    Hello everyone! I am very new here. I recently purchased a voltbike urban for commuting to work. I enjoy it very much, but am not an expert about ebikes. I want to learn more about them, and I'm glad to find this site. I read several posts from many active members who are very kind and...