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  1. Saratoga Dave

    Civante GPS/Computer mounting

    Alright, sports fans, anyone with a Civante knows the challenge of figuring out how to mount a computer - or anything else, given the oval handlebar shape and that weird assembly of display/controller/bell that wraps around the headstock like a freaking octopus. Seizing on and stealing an idea...
  2. Saratoga Dave

    Anti Theft, Guaranteed

    Never one to stop thinking great thoughts, I’m plotting out this Spring’s GAP trip... the Great Allegheny Passage trail from Pittsburgh, PA to Cumberland, MD for those out of the US. I have a too small set of casual panniers, but I got thinking about the ones my wife bought for her Pedego a few...
  3. Saratoga Dave

    Wahoo Roam on a Civante

    Any of you fine folks had any luck mounting a Wahoo on a Civante (or any other drop bar Yamaha ebike, I guess)? The way they have that big one piece display, mode selector and bell thing set up and the shape of the handlebars seems to present a big problem. Anyone figured this out? I installed...
  4. Saratoga Dave

    A Little Self Indulgent Comparison Test

    No great wisdom here, but we’re a friendly bunch and it’s a quiet Sunday. A little Giant/Yamaha shootout for the fans: For a little informal comparison, I rode the same 31 mile, 1200 foot elevation route 2 days in a row. Both days very humid, high around 90 degrees, winds no more than 5 mph...
  5. Saratoga Dave

    2020 Civante Review, Initial 100 mile Impressions

    A little early in the game, but here’s the one week/105 mile report on my new Civante. For context, my history is Cannondale T400 for many, many years, other various mountain bikes, five years out of the game, then an eJoe Koda for 1400 miles in a year, a Trek xm700+ for 6000 miles in two...
  6. Saratoga Dave

    Rack Attack

    OK, people, can anyone provide me any guidance here? How in the name of God do you get those damn little plastic plugs out of the mounting bosses to mount a rack? The second photo is what happens when you try to twist, pull or otherwise use a knife and needlenose pliers... you now have a nice...
  7. Saratoga Dave

    Well, This Is Different I wonder what Stefan could do with this out in the forest!
  8. Saratoga Dave

    Another Exciting Chainring Story

    You guys will enjoy this one. So I decided to swap out the 48 tooth chainring on my 2018 Giant ToughRoad for a 42 tooth - which is actually what the bike was spec’d to come with originally, but for whatever reason it came with the 48. All been fine for the last 2600 miles, but the way I ride I...
  9. Saratoga Dave

    NYS eBike Law movement

    Well, here we are on Christmas Eve and amazingly, I just got a notification that the eBike law has been sent to the Governor's desk, after languishing for months. Don't know if this is something they automatically do at the end of the year with the pending stuff or it has earned it's way into...
  10. Saratoga Dave

    Spring Cleanup a little early

    Picked up my ToughRoad at the LBS after it's service. New ebike chain, brake pads, drivetrain clean and adjust, a nice overall physical, so to speak. Why not jazz up the bar tape while we're at it? There's orange stripes all over the bike anyhow... I like how it turned out! Our shop is...
  11. Saratoga Dave

    One for the Rohloff peeps

    I don’t have a Rohloff setup, but I know lots of folks here do. Saw this on Crazy Guy and always appreciate a good out-of-the-box approach:
  12. Saratoga Dave

    (Sold): Pedego City Commuter, 26" low step, 135 miles

    Well, it pains me greatly to list this, but what a waste if it spends another summer in the basement. What we have here is a 2016 Pedego City Commuter, bought new in August 2016, with 135 miles on it. That’s right, 135. I bought this for my wife in the hopes that she would get hooked and enjoy...
  13. Saratoga Dave

    New Giant ToughRoad (2018 model)

    Purchased new April 2019, ordered from warehouse. They have five left! I wanted the display screen - the 2019 has moved all that out to a phone. Three power levels instead of five, that's plenty. Marginally less battery life, but far more at 500 pack than my Trek bike with a Powerpack 400...
  14. Saratoga Dave

    Keeping the saddle, changing everything under it

    Grab a beer and put your feet up, this is a long one! Alright, so now I’m a little hot under the collar, and in my usual way, I have dealt with it by voting with my feet. No particular reflection on my bike, a Trek XM700+ that I have now put just over 6200 miles on, but some degree of annoyance...
  15. Saratoga Dave


    This is sort of generic, but certainly fits in the R&M forum, since I know several of you guys are all over this stuff. Last Fall I added a 42 tooth cog to the low end of my Trek xm700 to give me some more climbing power with the Bosch Performance Speed motor. It has really helped out a lot on...
  16. Saratoga Dave

    11-42 on a Trek XM700+

    Okay sports fans, after threatening to do so for a good long while, I finally got around to having my LBS replace my 11-36 cassette with the ten speed 11-42 that I believe is used on the Powerflys. So what we have now is a good bit deeper uphill gearing along with the same Performance Speed...
  17. Saratoga Dave

    New York continues confusion

    You guys oughta love this... I guess I can stop worrying about the legal stuff around here, at least
  18. Saratoga Dave

    5000 miles, xm700+

    What can I say? 15 months since I bought this in Saratoga County, NY, rolled past 5K this morning on a HUMID ride along the Mohawk River. Bike has been near flawless. Replaced the chain and cassette around 3K, had one incident where the boost level wouldn’t behave (dirty contact)... one rear...
  19. Saratoga Dave

    Trek 1120

    Holy cow, you guys see that new Trek 1120? If they made that an 1120+, with the performance Bosch stuff and maybe the new power tube battery, it would be unbelievable! Nice bike!
  20. Saratoga Dave

    Lake Placid

    Aarghh! Lake Placid for the weekend, sunny and no snow on the ground (coming tonight) and my bike is in the shop down on Schenectady getting a wheel trued and brake pads. Oh, the humanity!