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  1. Barkme Wolf

    BBSHD/Haro Build

  2. Barkme Wolf

    Is e-Biking Cheating?

    I have seen a lot of posts about cyclers calling ebikers cheaters.
  3. Barkme Wolf

    BBSHD Build Video Diary

    Still in prep mode-
  4. Barkme Wolf

    Seattle Group Ride

    E-Bike Meet Up Seattle April 21st
  5. Barkme Wolf

    E-Bike Group Ride Seattle

    My FB group is having a ride on April 21st in Seattle WA Celebrating 10,000 miles on my RadWagon
  6. Barkme Wolf

    Endura Strike II Waterproof Glove Review

  7. Barkme Wolf

    Bike Glove Video Review

  8. Barkme Wolf

    My Accessory Video

  9. Barkme Wolf

    New Rain Gear (Update Video)

    Made a video about my new rain gear.
  10. Barkme Wolf

    Safety Tip Video

  11. Barkme Wolf

    Roswheel Trunk Bag Video Review

  12. Barkme Wolf

    My Odometer Reset On It's Own?

    I just passed 6000 miles on the Radwagon (maybe 6200 or so) but today it says 4 miles. What gives?
  13. Barkme Wolf

    Regenerative Breaking Question

    Radwagon Owner Do I understand this correctly - Regenerative breaking is initiated when the break lever is triggered but the "breaks" are not generating any of the energy (unlike in regen cars where the breaks are essentially the generators- with the back up of disc breaks for stopping). The...
  14. Barkme Wolf

    Summer Daily Ride Setup Video

  15. Barkme Wolf

    Noise from motor Radwagon

    I have been getting an intermittent hum when the motor kicks in. More when it is up near 500w. Sometimes for only a moment and sometimes longer. Just started a couple days ago. I have made no changes or had any trouble. Seems to work fine but the noise is troubling. I am at 5700 plus miles and...
  16. Barkme Wolf

    Freedom (RAoK Video)

    Years ago when I drove a car, I would often stop if it seemed I could be helpful. Unfortunately it was sometimes impossible due to traffic. Then when I started commuting by bus it was rare I could stop. Now that I ride a Radwagon, I do whatever pleases me at the time. My boss doesn't hassle me...
  17. Barkme Wolf

    Choosing your first E bike (video)

  18. Barkme Wolf

    Helmet Cam Video Review

  19. Barkme Wolf

    Speed Hacks (Modifying a Speed Governor)

    Speed Hack- Opinion
  20. Barkme Wolf

    Radwagon upgrade

    After putting 5300 on my Radwagon it was due for an overhaul.