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    Specialized Turbo Vado SL motor removal

    Gently pry here: And here Alternate to rock it fore and aft.
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    Specialized Turbo Vado SL motor removal

    I miscounted when I said four motor bolts, it looks like six. Three here: and three here: The top motor bolt on the drive side is blocked by the chainring, so I took it off with the yellow bolts. The moving crank arms will get out of the way. The ring will rotate and come off over the right...
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    Vado SL EQ taillight relocation

    Unfortunately no, the connector on that wire is 3-4 feet away from the light itself. You could try cutting it and shrink wrap the splice. Bummer about that seatpost, those caught my eye too.
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    Specialized Turbo Vado SL motor removal

    Hi there! Flip the whole thing over and it’s just four bolts that hold on the chainring and four more on the motor. (The ring is in the way of one motor bolt.) I did it with a set of Allen wrenches, it looked daunting but was pretty simple.
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    Vado SL EQ taillight relocation

    The connections for the lights are all at the switch on the top tube. I had to pull that switch (t10 or t15, I think) and disconnect the wires then pull them through the tubes. The taillight was initially installed by threading from the motor cover, up the down tube, up the head tube, and into...
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    Vado SL: EQ or Not

    Correct, the rack and fenders are a package deal. I could have lived with the rack… The light got moved to under the saddle, I made a bracket an ran the wires up through the seat tube. Here are a couple photos:
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    Vado SL: EQ or Not

    SL 4.0 EQ because it’s all the shops had! I took the fenders off almost immediately and relocated the rear light. I liked the built-in lights even if they’re not the brightest, I always have them and it’s one less thing to remember to charge. I bought the TCD, feeling a bit sour I had to...
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    Vado SL Rear Light Question

    Absolutely! I made a bracket, but it wouldn’t be hard to just tape/wire the light up to the seat rails.
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    I've decided on a Turbo Vado -- now how do I get one?

    I found a out-of-state Spec dealer willing to ship me one of the last year’s models. He told me Spec doesn’t allow shipping (at least from current models) to protect local dealers. Shrug. So I got the bike I wanted and the local shop services it without hard feelings since they couldn’t get it...
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    Have you tried to lighten your Vado 5 SL?

    Lol, I gotta get rid of that COVID weight above the saddle first!
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    Vado 5.0 SL front light connector

    16 days from China to Michigan, not bad. It seems much more sturdy than the oe part.
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    Vado SL EQ taillight relocation

    I wanted to share with you the bracket I 3D printed to move the fender mounted taillight under the saddle rails. I had to remove the motor, battery, and fork to route the wires. That sounded scarier than it actually was, only hand tools needed and it was done by myself without much trouble!
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    Add a luggage rack to Vado SL 5.0 (non eq)?

    I am willing to send you the factory rack and fenders I took off my EQ model. I kept the taillight, but the rest is yours for shipping fees + a little beer money.
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    My Turbo Vado SL 5.0 (non eq ) finally arrived...

    Race Face “ride” pedals are almost identical, but have molded nubs instead of metal spikes.
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    Vado 5.0 SL front light connector

    My headlight mount also broke, it looks like a weak plastic part. The Lezyne stem mounts on their website spurred me to find something similar. Search “GoPro stem mount” and more sturdy-looking mounts can be found. Some with computer mounts too. I ordered a simple one from China, will update in...
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    Curious How many Vado SL Owners & reviews after several miles riding

    I have an SL, my wife has a regular Vado. I am very much a fan of my bike’s lighter weight, hers can be a bit much to move around and get off of a rack. She likes the extra assist her motor offers. The SL is noticeably louder too. I bought the EQ model and wound up taking the fenders off. This...