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    Wren st3 forks for sale in classified!

    New, $750 shipped!
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    Wren/Stromer st3 stem and forks- $500.00

    Brand new, fork has Round steerer and stem has round hole, so handlebars will run straight. $500.00 shipped. $450.00 excluding stem. forks will fit any bike with common specs- Forks will also work on st5, if you have round steerer. pm me.
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    Stromer st3, 150miles, $5300.00 SOLD!

    white, comfort frame, medium size, 150 miles total. Biggest battery up grade, body float seatpost. Bike is absolutely LIKE NEW, plenty of warranty left. Selling because of change in plans. google stromer st3 for more info. Bike is in Mesa, AZ Pick bike up here or Free delivery to SoCal or...
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    St3 serious grocery shopping

    I took a old rack time basket and old saddlebags, combined them for ultimate capacity. Even then, I over did it, so hung more off handlebars and limped home. And the st2 with same set-up, but better planning, nothing hanging from handlebars. regardless, doubled carrying capacity.
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    Wren Forks- LIKE NEW, $400.00 delivered! SOLD

    I bought these to hopefully work on my Stromer st2. I installed and used them for less than 100 street miles. They were a little long even with bits installed to reduce travel to 120mm. Saved them for my next bike, but new bike came with Wren forks. These are considered top shelf mountain...
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    Stromer st1 step-thru for sale. NOW only $1100.00! NO LONGER FOR SALE!

    Elite model with 20mph mountain motor(for more torque). I bought bike brand new several years ago, and has been a spare bike for friends to ride after I bought st2. i recently bought st3 and only need 2 bikes. bike is in good condition, has Heavy duty rack time rack and thud buster seatpost...
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    2018 BH Easy Motion EVO 27.5 plus Nitro $1,650. Like new! SOLD

    150 miles total. Like new. $1,650 free delivery in AZ or SoCal. I can arrange shipping thru LBS. I BOUGHT THIS IN 2018, but could never get my leg over it easily. I let my nephew use it, but it just sat in his garage. Rockshox front end,Brooks seat, heavy duty rack time rack, great euro mirror...
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    German Stromer parts Dealers website?

    There are a couple eu dealers that have all Stromer parts for sale. I can’t find them now. can someone give me a website or two please. Thanks
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    WTB: Stromer st1 step thru suspension forks.

    If anyone had a set of these, I would like to buy them. or the name Of euro website that sells Stromer parts. step thrus have longer steerer that other frame. Prolly 300mm.
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    This thread is dead. Erase, if possible.

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    983 vs. 814 battery

    Although Ive owned both before, just would like confirmation of what I think is true. The bigger battery provides +or- 15% more range only. Battery life and power are the same, correct? Thanks in advance, Barry
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    Stromer fishing and parked alongside older mid drive at local poker game tonight

    Trout fishing with homemade flatbed with rod holders and ice chest(live bait) utilizing rack time snap-it rack. Classic mid drive step thru and classic st2 step thru parked at poker game tonight. Posting because posts are so few these days. 😊
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    Is it realistic to expect........

    Much from a new OMNI when owners of new or late model bikes cannot even get Stromer to answer phone(Stromer usa), or do anything for people who stepped up by buying the expensive bike(Stromer company) And now are stuck with it and no support?
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    6 wheels

    Posts are getting fewer, so I thought I would make a post and show off, I guess. Now that I know hot weather is hard on batteries, I had to get something with 2 wheels that won’t mind the heat. 2019 Harley flsl. Last year Harley redesigned softail frame and basically did away with many...
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    Light and motion Seca 6v headlight

    I will have to give this a 2 thumbs up For permanent 28 mph st2 headlight Replacement. Way stronger than (less than supernova) oem light and close enough to m99. Cut you supernova wire and like everything else, connect red to red, black to black, and Yahtzee. I think bike detected it sometime...
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    Can I please get latest greatest headlight options for st2?

    I got spoiled with st2s headlight, but sold bike. Now I’m back to same old problem- 45kph bike with 25kph light. I’ve supplemented (less than) super. Nova with Felix rechargeable battery and it helps, but prefer light wired into bike. I bought a light and motion seca 1800 and it’s about equal...
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    Costco slinging ebikes

    I have always thought Ebikes would become very popular(because I think they are so great). Costco selling a $1400 step thru, hidden battery, hub motored ebike will surely help getting the word out.
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    O.G. Mid drive!

    Pictures speak for themselves.
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    Great battery care article in new electric bike action magazine.

    Authored by RAVI! Good job Ravi? I wonder if the neoprene jacket some put around frame to keep battery warm in winter would work like a beer can koozie to keep battery cooler during summer?
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    Thought about a mountain bike........

    And bought one. 2019 Beta 300. E start, street legal by adding a mirror, cost less than st3, picture is 6 miles from home. Ruined my knee a decade ago on dirt bike, maybe somehow this one will fix knee. No pedaling, but plenty of exercise for me. Stromer are still better on street.