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  1. Steve-H

    2019 Gazelle Arroyo Elite - squeak when frame flexes identified

    I originally thought a squeak over bumps in bike paths was in the seat but the frame is flexing and the integrated battery cover has 4 spots that guide the battery to stay centred. The plastic is rubbing against the frame when the flexing happens. Perhaps this is aggravated by the 1-5 degree...
  2. Steve-H

    2019 Gazelle Arroyo accessories that fit

    I had to return Arkel panniers because the j-hook would not connect to the carrier design. I swapped for the Ortlieb Bike-Packer Classic and found that I could get the mounts to work. Mounted a PORTLAND DESIGN WORKS BAR-ISTA CUP HOLDER inside the handlebars because there are no bottle cage...
  3. Steve-H

    First time ebike rider in Ottawa, Ontario

    While waiting for the snow to start melting, I had a couple of short errands on a 2019 Gazelle Arroyo. Looking forward to exploring my city beyond running/walking range.