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  1. Saratoga Dave

    2021 : Our Rides in Words, Photos, Videos & Maps

    Did the last stretch of the new trail from Kinderhook down to Hudson, NY this morning. Given the name of this trail, kind of tough to object to ebikers: This stretch is particularly good looking, going by several waterfalls and a good bit of open farm land. The village of Kinderhook is very...
  2. Saratoga Dave

    Vado SL 4.0 - How much off road?

    Yeah, that’s me, Stefan! Weird for sure, but my tires aren’t all that thin at 700x50mm on my gravel bike. I just got in from 30 more miles on that new path near us… the other day I rode some of it on my road bike, but a good deal of it is hard packed stone dust and we just had a day and a half...
  3. Saratoga Dave

    Need help deciding on an E-Bike: Powerfly vs Vado SL

    Have you considered a straight up gravel ebike? You sound like the right customer for one, if you can get with the drop bars. Giant Revolt E or Canyon Grail:On both very good examples.
  4. Saratoga Dave

    2021 : Our Rides in Words, Photos, Videos & Maps

    That’s a really nice looking Giant there, by the way. Obviously very well cared for, an elegant machine. Maybe doesn’t look like the greatest climbing bike in the world by that rear cluster, but what a beauty!
  5. Saratoga Dave

    Take care of your ebikes because you may not be able to get one til 2022!

    As usual, Alaskan is right on the money: ”It is also a good idea to buy replacement wear parts you might need in advance so you have them on hand when needed.” Suspiciously, my spare parts collection looks a hell of a lot like a complete bicycle! Can’t recall how that happened. I may have...
  6. Saratoga Dave

    2021 : Our Rides in Words, Photos, Videos & Maps

    Part of the newly completed path extending south from Albany to Hudson, NY. This section runs through several villages and some very attractive horse farms. NYS has really been doing a terrific job all over the state with the cycling infrastructure. Rode a very pleasant 30 miles on it this...
  7. Saratoga Dave

    2021 : Our Rides in Words, Photos, Videos & Maps

    Maybe you and Captain Slow can start a trend around here. Terrific stuff!
  8. Saratoga Dave

    Is this a good lock?

    My concern with these extreme locks is that any self respecting bike thief at some point will just cut the top tube of the bike in half just to get even, so to speak.
  9. Saratoga Dave

    eMTB Options For 2020-2021

    Sounds about right!
  10. Saratoga Dave

    I see lots of discussion of range but what about headwind/tailwind?

    My favorite part of a windy day is when you ride about 20 miles in one direction and think, wow, I feel great today... then turn for home and find out why. 16mph straight wind out of the west here this morning, so i actually did it right... 18 miles winding around mostly into it along the Erie...
  11. Saratoga Dave

    Knew I shouldn't, but I ordered a new bike on Friday

    Had to go look it up! Beautiful bike, looks like some very enjoyable miles. We’ll just all call it your “e” bike... congrats.
  12. Saratoga Dave

    ToughRoad GX E+

    I’ve been a victim of that last 20% thing as long as I’ve had my 2018 Toughroad. I learned a long time ago that 25% means Find A Plug. However, the range to get to that point is really good. I didn’t know I could change the head unit and gain access to the app, but I think at this point if it...
  13. Saratoga Dave

    Civante GPS/Computer mounting

    Goes from the phone to the short USB cable that connects to the bike display for powering the phone. This bike actually puts out enough power to charge the phone instead of sort of maintain the level. Great to know for long days. I don’t think it was plugged in when I took that picture in the...
  14. Saratoga Dave

    Adding a motor to a road bike

    If she’s riding something like that, she ain’t no casual path pedaler. Before you go down that rabbit hole you might really want to have her go try out some real e-road bikes, mid drive as well as hub. There are big difffences in the way they feel, and someone who knows how to really ride that...
  15. Saratoga Dave

    2021 : Our Rides in Words, Photos, Videos & Maps

    Chargeride, what a great trip that must have been! Finally a picture that accurately depicts a STEEP hill as well. Looks like that was a damn good afternoon, sore or not.
  16. Saratoga Dave

    eMTB Options For 2020-2021

    Thank God there ain’t no Tesla dealers around here, is all I’m sayin...
  17. Saratoga Dave

    eMTB Options For 2020-2021

    “I decided to wander into my local bike shop”...
  18. Saratoga Dave

    Civante GPS/Computer mounting

    Alright, sports fans, anyone with a Civante knows the challenge of figuring out how to mount a computer - or anything else, given the oval handlebar shape and that weird assembly of display/controller/bell that wraps around the headstock like a freaking octopus. Seizing on and stealing an idea...
  19. Saratoga Dave

    Europe: GPS tracks

    Ride With GPS has tons, logged by users all over the world. You can search by region, distance, all sorts of criteria, and then elect to have it navigate a found ride for you. I am certain that Strava does the same thing, but I‘ve never used it. Maybe Komoot as well?
  20. Saratoga Dave

    2021 : Our Rides in Words, Photos, Videos & Maps

    Quite a ride! I’m looking forward to more pics from your travels, you’ll live in what appears to be a very good area for this kind of stuff. Great looking bike too... my local shop has what appears to be a twin to it in stock, I was eying it intensely the other day while fooling around over there.