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  1. Pridedog

    Orbea Range Extender fit

    I have done my due diligence about the Range Extender and have decided that it’s positives outweigh its negatives. My question is around the “fit” of the bottle unit on the bike. I have an Orbea Gain D-30. The bike has an XS frame. I am concerned about the fit when the bottle unit is mounted on...
  2. Pridedog

    201 bms im balance

    Update, new charger did not solve problem, taking to dealer today hopefully he will update firmware and that will solve problem.
  3. Pridedog

    201 bms im balance

    I a new charger and it solved the problem for me.
  4. Pridedog

    201 bms im balance

    I too have had the Error Code 201 Imbalance problem. Out of frustration I tried riding bike anyway. Discovered I couldn't change assist levels with Iwoc button, but could through my Garmin Explore unit. Ebikemotion Error Code document states to charge battery for another 3 hours. Then if problem...
  5. Pridedog

    Using the Gain 2020 computer

    Not sure what you mean by no Garmin connectivity. I have a Gain D30 that I purchased in February. My Garmin Explore will pair with the Ebikemotion X35 via Bluetooth. The ebike data screen on the Garmin shows me battery level and gives me the ability to change assist level up or down plus any...
  6. Pridedog

    Orbea Gain M20 IWOC help

    With the iWoc one you have to recycle through the modes. In a circular pattern. You must go from L3 to no assistance then back up to L1, etc. Yes a pain in the rear. It is my one major complaint with the iWoc One. I have a Garmin Explore bike computer that pairs with my Gain and has a screen...
  7. Pridedog

    Connecting "sleeves" in the cables

    I think you are referring to inline cable adjusters. Yes these are for adjusting tension.
  8. Pridedog

    Orbea Gain E-Road Bike

    My Gain is a 2020 model. It arrived in February.
  9. Pridedog

    Orbea Gain E-Road Bike

    I discovered that my Garmin Edge Explore has an ebike datascreen that will pair up with my Gain D-30 motor. I believe this is something new for Garmins. When I recently updated my unit it appeared. Pairing to the motor was easy. It shows battery life and what assistance level you are in. You can...
  10. Pridedog

    Orbea Gain E-Road Bike

    Hey that is the bike I replaced with my Orbea Gain D-30. Mine is a 2017 Lynskey Helix with Campy Record 11 speed mechanical group and Zonda wheels. I had to look a couple times when I saw this post to make sure it wasn't mine. Love the bike, but because of physical issues it just won't work for...
  11. Pridedog

    Gain D-30 observations

    I have about 250 miles on my Gain and thought I would share some initial observations. This is my first ebike, after dealing with a heart attack, hip replacement and spinal fusion over the last 10 years and turning 70 the time was right to try an ebike. And I really love it. Wind speed or...