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  1. kattanm

    Have you tried to lighten your Vado 5 SL?

    Like, upgrade the wheelset, switch to some carbon components? If you have tried to get the weight down, what did you do, and how far did you get?
  2. kattanm

    Ever take your Vado off road?

    Maybe a gravel ride or some easy single track MTB riding? If so, how did that go?
  3. kattanm

    What is the largest tire that will fit on a Vado SL 5.0?

    I know it comes stock with 38s with 22mm internal width rims, but I can’t gauge clearance from the stock photos.
  4. kattanm

    Will the Garmin wireless remote change your assist level on your Gain?

    Would be nice to mount this on the inside of a brake hood and control assist level with your thumb, if this were compatible:
  5. kattanm

    Does the Garmin e-bike Remote work with Ebikemotion equipped bikes?

    It would be nice if this remote, say, mounted on the inside of a brake hood, could wirelessly change the assist level of a bike running Ebikemotion. Anyone tried this?
  6. kattanm

    The Creo does not work with the Garmin eBike Remote

    I had high hopes this cutie would control the assist level. It does not:
  7. kattanm

    Creo and chainring/cassette configurations

    As we know, it comes stock with 46 and 11-42. I dropped to 11-40, and that improved things by narrowing the gear jumps. I'm not using the 40, so will drop again probably to 11-38. Of course I'm still spinning out in the 46-11. Anyone else found a configuration they love (I have hills in my...
  8. kattanm

    When someone figures out how to change the assist level on a Creo from the shifter, please post solution here!

    Maybe impossible, but sure would be cool to have left shifter paddle or top button change the assist level mode...
  9. kattanm

    Expert vs. S-Works Creo

    Seems like the sweet spot is the Expert. That's a big jump in price to get the S-Works. Perhaps you could just upgrade some of the Expert and save some money. Here is side-by-side, just the differences: Expert ($9K) S-Works ($13.5K) Stem Pro S-Works with mount Bars Alloy Carbon...
  10. kattanm

    How to know when Creo firmware update is available?

    As best I can tell, the firmware of the bike cannot be updated by the end user. The dealer must do this. I'm just wondering if there's a way to even know when an update is available? Do you just have to ask your dealer to check periodically when you bring in the bike for service?
  11. kattanm

    FIXED: How do you add rider power to Garmin on Specialized Creo SL?

    I see some of you have figured that out. I’ve searched the forum, etc., and can’t figure out how you are doing that. I have the Fake Channel set to Rider Power. My Garmin 830 sees what looks like a Creo Power Meter as a sensor, which I can connect to. But when I ride, power simply looks like...