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    Specialized Creo SL Expert versus Giant Road-e Pro?

    Do any members have experience riding both the Specialized Creo and the Giant Road-e Pro? I'm 66 years old and have cardiac sarcoidosis. This condition causes inflammation and scarring of the heart tissue, with the scarring causing interruptions of the heart's electrical pathways. I am on a ton...
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    2021 Giant Road-e?

    Any rumors out there regarding the 2021 Giant Road-e Pro bikes? Seems like the other big manufacturers have upped the ante with carbon frames and lighter overall weights. Giant is a pioneer in the e-bike industry, so I'm hoping for some new updates to their e-road bike.
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    Creo SL 1x Chainguide?

    Considering switching from a 2018 Giant Road-e to a Creo SL (not sure which model yet...). I've never had a road/gravel bike with a 1x chainring and wide range gearing in the rear cassette. Any need for a front chainguide on the 46T 1x chainring? A lot of my rides are on very rough paved/gravel...