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    Your suggestions please

    Hello all. Would love your suggestions on my next bike. I’ll spend up to $3000. It will be used on mostly flat bike loops. A throttle is a must as I had one on my Pedego Interceptor (sold last year when moving) and want to have the option of using it. Also a step-thru is a must. I’m 66 and it’s...
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    Hey Court, when are you reviewing the current Ariel Rider C-Class

    Court, any idea about when you might review the current Ariel Rider C-Class? I am trying to decide between that and the RadCity Step-Thru 3. I am 66, In good shape but will need to climb some hills in my location, and not at all handy. But there are plenty of bike shops nearby. I just want to...
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    Review of 2018 Raleigh Retroglide

    They've made significant changes to the Retroglide and I am looking forward to Court's review on it.
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    Anyone hear of this problem?

    On the second day after buying my Interceptor, there apparently was a short in the system or a defective part. The bike (with 13 miles on it from previous day and a fully charged battery) took many tries to start then went a mile and died. Dealer checked it out. Got it going for three miles...
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    Is putting the front tire back on the Interceptor easy?

    I would like to be able to not have to borrow my friend's pick-up when I my new Interceptor. Would like to fit it in the trunk of my large sedan (which has a pass-thru). Is it fairly simple to put the front tire back on when I get home? I am not handy at all. Thanks!
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    Add fenders or not?

    Would appreciate your thoughts on adding fenders to a Pedego Interceptor. I live in an area that gets very little rain but does sometimes have blowing dirt and dust. Thanks.
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    Upcoming Pedego Conveyor

    Please disregard the price for the sake of this discussion and tell me your thoughts on this one. Thanks very much.
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    Mag wheels or spokes?

    I am ordering the Pedego Platinum Interceptor today. I considered the regular Interceptor due to its many awesome color combinations, but the hydraulic brakes in the Platinum was the deciding factor. Safety won over aesthetics. Question: Would you go for mag wheels over spokes? The mags lo0k...
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    First time buyer needs your expertise please

    I am researching and test riding in advance of buying my first ebike. I am 64, 5’10, 190 lbs. I will use the bike for fun and local errands. There are no big hills where I live and won’t commute to work on it. The Magnum Cruiser has been my favorite. The only negative is the closest Magnum...
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    Thoughts please on the Rad City vs. Electra Townie Go! and Pedego Cruiser would be appreciated. Tha

    I know the specs for all three, would just like advice because I’m new to electric bikes. Love the Townie’s looks, but it does not have a throttle. The Rad City is about $1200 less than the Townie and $800 less than the Pedego. I’ve test ridden the Townie and will test ride the other two this...