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    Brake Bleeding Stromer ST5/3

    So lately I had the need for bleeding brakes on my Stromer St5 which should also be similar for Stromer St3. The brakes are custom built by TRP. They are 4 piston brakes with great stopping power however since they are customized it may be a bit confusing to figure out how to bleed them...
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    Hitch racks for Cars

    I was hoping to get a hitch bike rack however I have a car which has a towing capacity of 1500lbs hence tongue weight limit is around 150lbs. It is also limited to 1.25" receiver. Although offerings like Thule xt 2, Rockymounts monorail, Yakima etc. seem to be offered in 1.25" receivers and...
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    Compatible Racks

    Which oem racks are compatible with new Stromers? I am searching for good alternatives that will fit the newer models. I think Racktime manufactures them but I couldn't find it online.
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    ST5 Headset manual

    I am looking for a documentation, service manual for ST5 headset. One that contains instructions for assembly, connections, torque values etc. I will appreciate any information on this.
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    Nyon power measurement accuracy

    I am using Nyon to regulate my workout intensity when I ride for pleasure. Instantaneous power measurements read on Nyon tend to be accurate (matches with the readings on fellow riders wattmeters when we ride together) however average power measurement seems to be quite off. Today I went for a...
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    Tire Selection

    Currently I have 622-42mm Marathon Mondials on my cross bike. Unfortunately while on a trail the sidewall rubbed to some horns and I had a flat. I fixed the flat and since than didn't have a flat but just realized that My rear tire has a ballooned up spot on the sidewall. I assume that it is no...
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    Xlc Evo rear hub assembly (Haibike)

    Well my rear wheel hub was loose on the drive side, decided to tightened it, one thing led to another, I disassembled the drive side and forgot the order of the components. I couldn't find any information on the net about the assembly of this one. I can't even find the manufacturers website...
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    Comparison\Experience of Bafang M series vs the Brand name mid drives ?

    The m series Bafang mid drives seem very solid but since they are mostly used by smaller manufacturers I wasn't able to spot any real comparison of their newer motors to the well known brands like Bosch, Yamaha, Shimano etc. Does anybody know any tests of Bafang mid drives like M600 against...
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    Kodiak mtb max wheel size

    I was wondering if anyone has experience with 2018 Kodiak. It seems to be a nice bike with good components and a Bosch system but the information about the wheel sizing is not clear. Is it 27.5+? In their video it says that the rims accept plus size tires but I believe it comes with 2.6" tires...
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    It was my turn, be careful!

    Finally I got my share of accidents. So I am riding on the bike lane, it is bumper to bumper traffic on the left and on the right parked cars all the way. I am cruising around 15 to be safe, watching out the cars on the right in case one throws itself in the bike lane or opens doors. All of a...
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    Ebike Chain Lubes

    Lately I have switched to waxing and find it to be vastly superior to anything I have ever used. I will leave my previous experience for the curious ones otherwise you can skip to Waxing part. So I have worn 3 KMC 10 speed Ebike specific chains on my Haibike with Bosch CX motor. During this...
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    Touch up paint for chips

    I installed a seat post bike rack to my bike but the supporting arms chipped the paint. It is a haibike matte black finish, the chips are all the way to the metal, 2-3 mm in diameter. They were not visible until I took out the rack (it was too high since the bicycle is a high step one). Now I...
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    Washing Guidelines

    Unfortunately I failed to find a thread dedicated to this. If there is one, you can delete this thread and point me to the right one. So, after 400miles my Haibike Xduro Cross needs some cleaning. It is mostly dried out mud/dust (but not heavy , you can probably just run your hands over it and...
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    Saddle Choices

    I realized that there are very few posts on saddles in the forums so I decided to make a thread about it. I am trying to find a comfortable saddle for my haibike. The MTB saddle that comes with it is not bad but it does not have a cutout so it becomes somewhat uncomfortable for long rides...
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    Maintenance, assembly etc.

    I am the happy owner of a Xduro Cross RC :). The thing is putting a smile on my face every time I ride it. Since I got it online it took me some time to fully tune it but right now it is riding very smooth. As I keep having problems I decided to ask it in the same thread. Right now my only...
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    Want to get into ebikes but I am a little confused now

    I am someone who recently returned biking after 2 years. I have a trek hybrid that I like riding and I usually use it for commuting too (around 20 miles round-trip). I can climb hills and I am kinda fit however I like to extend my range and sometimes I don't want to sweat too much in my...