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    RideControl App Issue

    Hi Everyone. I have had a my Giant for a while but just decided to try and use the RideControl App as I heard there was an upgrade for my bike. Every time I try to set up an account I get Registration Failed. Unknown Error. Ive tried two android phones... both Samsung. Ive tried it on Wifi...
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    Rubbing noise while coasting but!....

    Hello Everyone, looking for some advice. I have giant explore e+ Recently it started making a rubbing noise but only when coasting and only when my right pedal is in the down position. If I switch and coast with left pedal down but the right pedal up noise is gone. I recently had the brakes...
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    Giant Explorer E+ 2 grips

    Good morning, I went to change out my grips on my Giant Explore E+ 2 not realizing the controller is somewhat integrated into the grip and locking mechanism/coller. When i try to put on new grips the controller coller wont tighten leaving it very loose. Anyone know a way around this? I was...
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    Giant RideControl Charge Display

    Hello everyone. I finally picked up my Giant Explore E last week. Love it so far and really just getting used to it. I do have a question... does anyone make a cover or protector for the Giant RideControl Charge display? Not like a stick on screen protector like a phone but something a...
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    Closing in on a choice

    After much research and review reading and watching Ive abandoned the idea that I need a throttle and have been really leaning towards mid drives. So, my budget is 3500 Canadian (about 2700 U.S.). Ive looked at all the big brands and found so many great bikes. Bulls had one with IGH that I...
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    Momentum TRANSEND E+

    Not sure if this is the right section in the forums to ask but has anyone tried the Momentum TRANSEND E+? I cant really find much info on it other than the marketing details. Ive since moved my focus from hub drive to mid after doing a lot of research and this bike looks pretty interesting...
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    Any Canadian's ordered?

    Good Morning. Im curious if any fellow Canadians have ordered a Bike from Ride1up... specifically if you had any difficulty with customs, or heavy taxes on import? Im interested in the 700... quite a bike for the money in the XR config
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    EMMO Bikes

    Has anyone ever heard of or had experiences with EMMO Bikes? Im curious, they have a shop not far from me but I cant really find any reviews on them. Thanks
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    Need some real world Advice

    Good Morning. Im a 47 year old and looking to move into an e bike. Ive ridden my Specialist road bike for years now and although Im no expert by any means I do like what I do. But arthritis has started to do its work on my but I really dont want to stop riding. Enter the Ebike... Ive been...