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    Tannus lining

    We have the same issue: too many flats. I am relatively certain that tubeless/ slime works. As I said, not practical for the Level to convert. I am interested in how it goes for you. Would you mind checking back in from time to time and tell us your experience? That would be helpful. ThAnks.
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    Tannus lining

    I recently had my third flat on my Level in 2,000 miles. At 77, I can’t have flats; they are too much for me. My hard tail had 6,000 miles when I gave it to my daughter, and never had a flat, because the shop put on tubeless tires and added sealant every few months and I used it every day. It...
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    Dual suspension commuter bike

    I have an Aventon Level. After adding ergonomic grips and Kinetic seat suspension, this bike is almost perfect for me in terms of aesthetics, range, and comfort. But, my dream bike would be a dual suspension, dual purpose bike; commuter and mountain. Reisse-Muller makes one, but, it is ten grand...
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    Level shock absorbers

    I passed 1,400 miles on my Aventon Level. I am very pleased with this bike, but I just noticed that the shocks are very stiff. I thought that they were locked out, but they were not. I compared them to my daughter’s Specialized hard tail, and, alas,something is amiss. Is there’s way to adjust...
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    Handlebar mountings

    That sounds great. Thank you very much. I will check out the Jones bar.
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    Handlebar mountings

    Tried and failed. They didn’t last. I may have contributed to their early demise by putting my light on the same bar with the phone; too much weight.
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    Handlebar mountings

    I tried them. They didn’t last.
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    Handlebar mountings

    I now have over 1200 miles on my Level, trouble free. I added a “ Body Float” (now called ‘Kinetic’ or something like that). And, recently cork ergonomic handlebar grips. These items make the bike near perfect for me, and I recommend them. My only remaining issue is mounting my light, horn, and...
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    I have over a thousand miles on my Level. Ian very happy with this bike, from its looks to the 70 miles per charge. I do have two minor issues, but no complaints because the price seems very fair. One issue, was the grips. I changed to ergonomic grips and they are great. The second and final...
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    Two batteries

    I am planning to ride from Scottsdale to Wickenburg on my Aventon Level. One way is 70 miles, which is just past my range on a single charge. Has anyone had experience toting and extra battery?
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    Aventon Level or....

    I have an Aventon and a Rad City. I had a Vado 1.0 as well. In my experience, paying more for a mid drive is not wise. In fact, the rear hub drives seem more powerful to me and this notion of “balance” is to me, a myth. I am amazed how much you get for $1500 to $1600 dollars. I can recommend...
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    Known Issues & Problems with Aventon Products + Help, Solutions, & Fixes

    Interesting. I ride the majority of the time with zero assist and my Level has never shut down. To respond to the Aventon “jumping out,” this scares me, especially in traffic, so, i often start with zero assist. I am 77 years old, and not particularly strong, so it is mildly annoying. I also...
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    My Rad City had been reading total miles ridden. Somehow it switched to trip odometer. How do I get back to total miles?
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    Display Heart Rate on TCD?

    Thank you. It opened .
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    Display Heart Rate on TCD?

    I paired it with instructions from the LBS. As I recall, I held the left button down until the setting screen came up. Then, no joke, I double clicked both buttons until heart rate came up. Then, it asked me if I wanted to pair, and offered “yes” or “no.” I pressed until I got “yes” and then...
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    Realistic mileage for the Turbo Vado SL 5.0 EQ?

    This has been a gigantic disappointment to me. My Vado 1.0 which I sold to get more range, got about 40 miles on a charge when riding in my comfort level of least assist (eco). The SL, with a range extender, gets about 60, partly because of needing more battery to ride comfortably. This is about...
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    Specialized Turbo Vado SL 5.0 review 1 week review

    I just got a Wahoo heart monitor and paired it with my Vado SL. It works great. I got instructions from LBS. One problem with this bike is lighting the display when it is dark. I can push a button on the TCD to light it momentarily. Is there a way that anyone knows to keep it lit? I like reading...
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    Realistic mileage for the Turbo Vado SL 5.0 EQ?

    I have a Vado 5.0 SL and although the bike has many good qualities, it is gutless compared to my previous regular Vado with a more powerful motor and battery. And,I am 76 years old and 140 pounds. You will be dissatisfied with the SL mountain bike. Of that, I am certain.