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    It's finally here !

    NCM have updated there UK website.
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    Custom build using NCM Moscow battery

    Just wondered if anyone has tried to build a custom made bike using an NCM Moscow battery.
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    Chain Ring Guard

    Just fitted a new Crank Set with chain guard on Moscow 27.5. Same make as original-Shimano. Easy to fit, apart from protecting clothing from catching I think it looks better than just seeing the sprocket teeth From Amazon. SHIMANO Altus FC-M311 Crank Set 48/38/28 black Crank length 170 mm
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    Change of Handle Bar Grips

    Changed the original Velo handle bar grips to these. It's good to have the bar ends to be able to put your hands in a different position, especially on a long run. Definitely recommend.
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    Have had an e-mail from NCM. Looks like they are trying to open a UK based website for spare parts etc. Hopefully by spring 2021. Fingers crossed!!!!!
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    Moscow 27.5 distance capability

    Just wondered if anyone has tried to see how for they could go on a full battery charge until they lost power. Obviously terrain,speed ,weight, etc are factors. I'm using a 13amp 624wh battery.
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    Credit Where Credits Due

    Controller stopped working on Moscow bike. E-mailed Leon Cycles and was pleasantly surprised to get a quick response. After agreeing the fault was with the controller a new one was sent under warranty a few days later. It was great to get a quick and efficient response to my concern, which was...
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    After reading all the positive comments from people saying how much they are enjoying their NCM bikes, it's a shame to read all the negative ones about poor after sales support, especially the slow response time to reported concerns and lack of spare part availability. Surely it's time to set...
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    Just wondered If anyone has fitted an upgraded 16AH or 18AH battery to their Moscow, which are available from Leon Cycles. Interested to see how much improvement you get with mileage range.
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    SPOKE NOISE OR NOT.............

    Just started to get a noise that sounded like the front spokes were creaking, especially when making a sharp turn. After finding no issues with the front wheel I went back out on the bike, this time I put my head as low and far back as possible, without having a crash... The sound was coming...
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    Handle Bar Stem Riser

    Just fitted an adjustable handle bar stem riser- Moscow 27.5. It's made a massive difference to the riding position. Before I felt I was having to tilt my neck back to look straight ahead as handle bars were lower. Would definitely recommend. Much more comfortable ride. Amazon ASIN number...
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    Just thought I'd see how much interest there would be for a Leon Cycles store in the UK. From what I've read on the forum there are a lot of frustrated people trying to access spare parts and accessories for their NCM bikes. It seems daft that people are having to source parts from Australia...
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    NCM Moscow Bottom Bracket Bearing Failure

    Hi, done 40 miles total on new bike and the crank bearings have failed.Removed bracket and found a third of the bearings where missing, must have been done during manufacture as there is nowhere the bearings can escape externally.Have let Leon Cycles know but not holding out much hope for a...
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    Ncm Moscow Crank loose

    Hi, has anyone had their crank come loose on the NCM Moscow.movement noticed when rocking pedal arms side to side
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    NCM Moscow

    Hi All,I have just joined the forum as a new member,currently waiting for NCM Moscow bike to arrive.