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  1. rvehock

    Flow developed strange "ticking" noise

    Might be your pedals
  2. rvehock

    Platform rack for 2-bikes -- advice, please

    I have this platform rack from Yakima and it is solid as a rock and comes with nice ramp to load my two eBikes:
  3. rvehock

    NCM Prague - Rear wheel issue

    I carry one of these tubes that does not require removing the rear wheel
  4. rvehock

    Nero Accessories

    I have one of these on my wife's Espin Flow and it performs very well for the price point
  5. rvehock

    Got the Sport and the Flow. The Pros and Cons.
  6. rvehock

    Got the Sport and the Flow. The Pros and Cons.

    Are you sure that the clicking is not coming from one of your pedals, had the same problem and a new set of pedals took care of it.
  7. rvehock

    espin Flow?

    5 foot 6 inches
  8. rvehock

    Ordered a Sport and a Flow

    I also purchased a Flow for my wife and she also loves it, I think you will be happy with the quality of Espin
  9. rvehock

    espin Flow?

    No, I thought it was the Flow so I opened the box and realized it was the Sport and sealed the box back up and called Espin and they sent me a new Fedex shipping label for the Sport so I sealed the box and attached the new shipping label.
  10. rvehock

    espin Flow?

    Ordered July 21st but got a Sport sent to me my mistake, finally got the Flow Yesterday LOL
  11. rvehock

    espin Flow?

    I just got my wife's Flow (Smoke Gray) delivered yesterday and it took me about an hour to put it together. Took it for a ride and I must say that is a dream to ride, the shifts were crisp and dead one and the brakes worked very well. I highly doubt my wife will ever use anything above PAS 2 but...
  12. rvehock

    What will you do for security?

    This is the one I use 113db and it is very loud IMHO
  13. rvehock


    I just ordered a Flow for my wife and it will be delivered about the third week of August. looks like a good value for $1199 and free shipping.
  14. rvehock

    Removing rear wheel with belt drive...puncture avoidance and field flat repair strategies

    I got these also on Amazon, they come in handy
  15. rvehock

    Suggestions for rear light/turn signals?

    Got this brake light and it works great and can go at least a year on 2 AAA batteries in "brake only" mode, not a big fan of turn signals as I live in Florida and no one uses them anyway LOL
  16. rvehock

    After market battery for Magnum Cruiser?

    The funny thing is our bikes are just a rebrand of the moscow ebike brand. The battery is a rebrand of dehawk battery. You can get the real battery here much cheaper. The 18ah works great and can get you 60miles with pa, the website claims that shipping is free...
  17. rvehock

    Go ahead. Name my e-trike. I dare you!

    How about Tripod
  18. rvehock

    Riding No Handed Over 50 or 60

    I am 63 and I have doing it since i was 6 years old, love the's all about balance
  19. rvehock

    Suspension Seat Posts

    Got this one and I must say that it has performed very well and I have had no issues with it for the past year of ownership. I purchased it for $60 shipped, it is very comfortable, quiet, and very easy to adjust.
  20. rvehock

    Bike Alarm

    Just installed the exact same one under my seat and it fits perfectly and is VERY LOUD....