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  1. creativepart

    DIY inquiry from those with homebuilt e-bikes

    That's fine. I hope I didn't offend you with my comment. I just see these posts where folks want to build a 2000w 45mph bike with three batteries and 120 mile range and while I know anything is possible with enough money and effort that none of that is real world everyday ebike specs. I hope...
  2. creativepart

    DIY inquiry from those with homebuilt e-bikes

    Actually, I was only responding to the OP's "motor system has to be in the lower 30's mph, No throttle assist. Battery capacity range from 50 min - 120 miles max"
  3. creativepart

    DIY inquiry from those with homebuilt e-bikes

    Why is it that everyone that hasn't built an eBike... but wants to, has a totally unrealistic concept of what they want to build? The reality is that you will buy a kit or parts, it will go 28 mph to possibly 30 mph and you'll get about 34 miles out of a charge. Plus, the battery will be pretty...
  4. creativepart

    Bike rack for RV trailers

    A great many bike racks explicitly state that they are not for use on an RV or a car/trailer being towed by an RV. It seems the movement is different than when behind a driven car and most car racks are not strong enough to handle it. The trailer/rv online seller lists a number of...
  5. creativepart

    2005 Giant Trance 4 ebike conversion

    I guess this is why so few companies make freewheels larger than 8-speed. With the new 8-speed click-shift the 9-sp derailleur works perfectly. You can get a 7-speed on eBay or Amazon for cheap. Lots of people upgrade to more gears and sell off the old shifters.
  6. creativepart

    2005 Giant Trance 4 ebike conversion

    Depending on the rear derailleur on the Trance, you probably don't need to change the derailleur to accommodate the 7-sp freewheel (not cassette, those go on Freehubs). You might find that a 9-sp freewheel doesn't play well with your setup. My DIY rear hub donor bike (Specialized Crosstrail)...
  7. creativepart

    Need help with first purchase of Ebike for my large man.

    I'd say that the bike you got for him looks perfect. Yeah, I wouldn't like the fat tires myself - but if he gave them a chance he'd change his mind. That's the thing about eBikes. Once you start riding one you have such a good time that you really love the bike. Next problem... finding a car...
  8. creativepart

    Installing Brakes

    Wait... the assumption is you have cable actuated brakes. Right? Either cable Rim brakes or cable Disc brakes. If you have hydraulic brakes then those eBike brake levers will do you no good. You'll need to either get a set of motor cut magnets for your hydraulic levers or get new hydraulic...
  9. creativepart

    best rear wheel rear-hub conversion kit?

    Nothing to be suspicious about in my book. They've been around for years. Are successful internationally. Have good reviews and attentive customer service. EBR has posted a couple of reviews of customer builds and there are no bad reviews out there that I've found. I know I only built my kit the...
  10. creativepart

    best rear wheel rear-hub conversion kit?

    I know everyone likes Grin and have done a good job selling you on them. But I wanted to add that Dillenger Bikes makes excellent Rear Hub Drive kits. I used the Premium Off-Road kit, which just means it's a 750/1000 w motor and has a top speed of 28 mph. Their kit cost $750 or so and included...
  11. creativepart

    Nearly finished a custom GMAC DIY

    Looks GREAT!. At the end of December I built my DIY eBike from a Dillenger Kit - the "Premium Rear {Geared Drive} Off-Road kit." It's been super. I started riding it in January have have just under 700 miles on it already. That's 1,100 km's In your neck of the woods isn't it? I thought it would...
  12. creativepart

    Best Phone Holder

    Quad lock worked well for me. Super easy to use and super secure as well. Only drawback is that you have to use their phone case. But it's a nice one that works well.
  13. creativepart

    Help with recommendation - mid vs hub, etc.

    You make it sound like you want an electric moped, not an eBike. I have two rear hub drive ebikes. One came set for 20 mph and I unlocked it easily for 24 mph. Then I took a 3-year old hybrid mtb/road bike and made it a rear hub drive with 750/1000 w geared hub motor. It will go 28 mph but the...
  14. creativepart

    Where is everyone getting their Rear Hub Direct Drive Kits ?

    I got mine from But they only sell complete kits with a battery and they run $700. They are an Aussie company with a full-fillment center in California. It's a great kit and they're totally trust worthy. If you find such a kit for $400 then, no, that won't...
  15. creativepart

    Help! Converting a 2008 Gary Fisher HiFi Plus 29

    Here's a very similar build to what you're planning. Battery on the bottom of the downtube. I would agree that Mid-Drive is the way to go. Also the controller is built into the motor of the Bafang mid-drive.
  16. creativepart

    Rear Hub Drive -TO- Mid-Drive

    It’s certainly not limited to bikes, not inthe least. All hobbies and pastimes are plagued with this “gearitius.” Cars, boats, fishing, guitars, audio, photography, the list goes on and on. I don’t know if it’s limited to males, but it seems likely to be. We become fixated on the things, the...
  17. creativepart

    Out of stock

    I feel your pain, but I saw an article this morning that there are 26+ container ships, mostly from China, queued up outside of the Port in Los Angeles. And each was a large container ship with 10,000 plus containers. The issue was all the big ships with so many containers that getting a ship...
  18. creativepart

    Rear Hub Drive -TO- Mid-Drive

    I thought I'd better circle back to finalize this thread at this point. After reading these comments, talking to suppliers, and doing a lot of soul searching I have decided that this is folly to undertake another change to a rear hub drive bike that works great and meets all my needs just...
  19. creativepart

    Lectric XP maintenance shop in New Jersey / New York?

    Don't fixate on flats or any other problems. First off, they are few and far between. Next solving them yourself isn't difficult at all and like was said previously any bike shop does those kinds of jobs on all bikes - electric or not. A flat-tire is just a flat tire. Something easily repaired...
  20. creativepart

    Help choosing: Radwagon vs. Blix Packa

    I have a Blix Vika+. It's a folding 20" tire bike and I've put over 800 miles on it. Blix has always been great to work with and the bike is super well built. I wouldn't worry about any Blix bike.