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    Any idea why the Rad subreddit is restricted?

    Along with EBR it was among the forums I'd visit for Rad related stuff. Now the subreddit is restricted and hasn't had a new post in over a week. Any ideas? I don't use reddit for other things so I'm not sure why it would be restricted.
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    EBR please review the Bolton Blackbird!

    I'd really like to see Court do a review of the Bolton Blackbird!
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    Rad Power Raises Prices for some models

    RadMission = $1099 RadWagon 4 = $1699 RadRover 5 (& step thru) = $1599 Since we are near the end of their normal model year, I wonder why.
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    Stupid battery questions

    I have about 1500 miles on my RadRover 5’s stock controller and about 150 on the Bolton Upgrade. Now that I have the ability to see the battery’s voltage I have questions... Disclaimer: I don’t understand batteries When I’d ride with the stock controller and I’d use a bunch of power I could...